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  1. Just got a call for an interview! That might have been your seat. Excited and looking forward to it.
  2. Hi MEPA2B!  In a post you made on the "Pacific 2017-18 Application Cycle" thread you said "I also love the fact that there is now competition within the classroom, so your not jockeying for an academic position with your classmates."

    Can you elaborate? Did you maybe mean "no" instead of "now"?


    1. MEPA2B

      I definitely meant "NO"...lol. Thanks for catching it!

  3. Thanks for you help! It makes me feel good getting some positive feedback like that. I'm just a little frustrated after not getting in last year, when I applied to 7 schools (pending my waitlist), but I do know of some issues with last year's application which might have held me back. Either way, I'm pushing through and sending out another round of apps. Thanks for your support!
  4. Hey Everyone, Here's a brief look at my stats • Education overview - I have a bachelor's degree in music (jazz studies) (GPA was 2.78, and had a few Fs and Ds) - I did my PA school prerequisites after my undergrad as an independent study, non-degree (GPA 3.86) - I then got a Master's degree in Biomedical Science (GPA 3.77) • Here are the stats that show up on my application: - Overall GPA: 3.21 - BCP GPA: 3.86 - Last 100 credits: 3.83 - GRE: * Verbal: 155 (68%) * Quant: 152 (47%) * Writing: 4.0 (59%) - HCE: 7,100+ hours as an ICU
  5. Hi everyone! Does anyone know about Pace's perspective on following up about the wait list? Some programs like it, others don't. I can't find any info on their website, and the wait list acceptance letter doesn't specifically say not to contact them. It says "We will provide this information when available and notify you if an opening occurs." Thanks!
  6. Hey everybody. I interviewed on Dec 12, and just received a letter via snail mail saying that I have been placed on the wait list. Best of luck to everyone!
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