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  1. Hi @Destzan. The interview style for me (fall 2017) was MMI. There were different interviews that was set up in a large conference room. I believe we had 10 minutes with each person or group of people. Then we went straight into the next interview. The questions were mainly situationally based, but if you were to answer their question(s) before your time was up, it is a good time to let your personality shine a bit. Ask them questions or find something relatable (before the interview they introduce many of the interviewers to you, so if you listen to those little facts it can be a good talking point.). I am sure you will hear/see this a lot, but make sure to be yourself! They know you stats and what not, so just go in confident in who you are and what you can bring to the program. Feel free to reach out to me if you guys have any other questions! Physician assistant forum was a god send for me during my application process. (:
  2. @khoang5 hey there! I had a 145 Quant and 150 verbal. Currently in my first semester of school here. Feel free to contact me with any questions! Also, we have an informational session coming up soon that you should stop by, if you have the chance!
  3. Congrats to all those accepted! I was accepted too (yay!). But I will be giving up my seat, so hopefully that means good news for someone who may have been waitlisted!
  4. I haven't seen any post on someone being accepted off of the alt list yet. But don't lose hope! The deadline to accept your seat is October 2nd, so I am sure you will hear some news after the program has heard back from those offered positions. Good luck!
  5. @lgfraz yes, the interview style is the same. 50 minutes, 5 different stations, 10 minutes each. Good luck :)
  6. I interviewed yesterday and they told us that they have more interviews to do so we should hear back late October, early November. They send out emails on the same day to those accepted, wait listed or rejected. Good luck everyone!
  7. I have received an interview invite for October 12-13th! Who's with me? Any advice from those who have already interviewed? Did you all go to the dinner on day one?
  8. Got my letter today! Excited to meet you guys! Anyone starting the Facebook page?
  9. Nothing yet! If the timeline is similar to last years, they should be sending letters around the end of this upcoming week! I am anxiously waiting.
  10. Still waiting, I would think that the RSVPs have been sent in already. Getting a little anxious!
  11. This info is very helpful! Thank you for posting. How long does the interview season last? Seems like they interviewed this past week and are obviously continuing through September.
  12. Hi there, Haven't heard anything from Ms. Lopez. In the email, they said that they would confirm the time once all the RSVPs are in !
  13. I agree! Just go there and be yourselves. Everyone was really nice! Good luck guys :)
  14. @belle12 and @kns23 congrats! Mind sharing when you submitted your app and supplemental app?
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