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  1. These are funny! I had a patient come in and state that he had worms coming out of his skin (he didn't. he tried to show me one and nothing was there). Then came in for a followup and told me that he went to a naturopathic provider and he had a crystal waved over his body and because it went to the left, he was diagnosed with a parasite and was given herbs to get rid of it. I could not contain my laughter at all lol.
  2. My husband and I did this after we got married. He teaches the Dave Ramsey curriculum in high school and we cut everything down to the very studs and paid everything off in 9 months. I did not have as much student loan debt as some, as I did have an undergrad scholarship, but I did have over $70,000 in PA school debt and my car and his car. I often thought through the process that I wouldn't make it, but push through. I promise you that when you get to the light at the end of the tunnel, you will be so happy and feel so accomplished. We are about to move into our new house (putting 20% dow
  3. I went from family medicine to GI about 3 years ago. I was so lost in the beginning and really did feel the same way. I once could just refer out and now patients are looking at me for the answer because I am the specialist. I have a fantastic SP who helped with through the transition and was willing to train me. He actually preferred it that way. So I guess the main thing is make sure there is an SP who is patient and will help you through the transition.
  4. Consider GERD. I have a lot of patients who have "silent reflux" where all they get is facial flushing with or without the actual pyrosis.
  5. Awesome! I really am going to try to lobby for this. Thanks for the input!
  6. Awesome! Glad I am not the only one lol. Strange question for you...how does your vacation time work since you work 40 hours in 4 days? When you take off, do they deduct 10 hours from you vacation? Or do you get less vacation hours? I currently have 160 hours of vacation so I am guessing if I take time off, they deduct 10 hours from that.
  7. Very true. The worse that can happen is "no". Congrats on the new proposal!
  8. Thanks your input! I do feel like the burn out will eventually affect patient's safety and the consumerism is what is driving the majority of the issues. I wish I knew how to fix that, but I do not. It is the nature of the beast at this point. I really hope he hears what I am saying and considers it.
  9. So, recently I have become really burned out. It is not the work; I love my work. I have a nice balance in GI of the typical, run of the mill patients sprinkled with the complex IBD patients that really makes me think through the best treatment plan and work through evidence based medicine to figure out the best course of action. What I am sick of is the attitude of patients. My staff can't handle it anymore either. People are impatient, they are rude and they demand action RIGHT NOW when we all know that outpatient medicine does not work that way. I have long tho
  10. That's terrible! I will stop complaining now lol
  11. Funny story and actually kind of insulting...initially, the facility I work at had all the physicians and "APPs" (their words, not mine) parking in the same gated lot. A few months ago, we get an email that says this lot is now for physicians only because, and I quote, "the physicians are complaining there are not enough spaces for everyone". So all NPs, PAs, CRNAs got kicked out of the parking and have to deal. So now, I have to dedicate abotu 10-15 minutes every morning to finding parking because it is sparing around here. Good thing the physicians in my group hate this place and we are
  12. I am not currently doing UC. This was from a year ago during a job search.
  13. What location is this? This seems really low for UC. I am in DFW and was getting anywhere from $60-75 an hour offers.
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