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  1. My husband has medical insurance. It's not the greatest but it'll do. I could also get student health insurance if I wanted to be double covered for prenatal visits or something. I did find out that the hospitals around me don't pay maternity leave unless you've been working there a year so that could be another benefit of getting work experience first.
  2. You're right that there's no right time. At least I have the luxury of choosing not to have a baby during school. I of course wouldn't want to compromise my education or child so starting a family can wait a few years. I appreciate your input ?
  3. Thanks for the responses! Do you think pregnant students get excluded from learning experiences? Like patients with communicable diseases or radiation? Could that impact my career as a PA?
  4. I was just accepted to PA school and will be 30 when I start it. My husband and I hope to have 2 kids, and there is history of infertility in my family. I'm feeling like the clock is ticking but there's not a good time in the next few years. I don't think I can handle a baby at home through didactic year and I've found a few posts that concur. We can afford living expenses and daycare on just my husband's income but it would be tight. 1. Option 1: Have a baby during didactic year. 2. Option 2: Try to time childbirth for the period in between didactic and clinical year 3. Option 3: Try to time childbirth after graduation...while I'm looking for a job 4. Option 4: Wait until I've had some experience. I'd be like 34 or 35 during childbirth. Any insights would be so helpful!
  5. Did anyone notice how the interview offer says the class starts in the fall of 2020? The email says "Congratulations! You have been selected to be interviewed for admissions into the Master Physician Assistant Program at Samuel Merritt University starting in the Fall of 2020" I'll assume they meant for the class of 2020.. >_<
  6. Thanks for keeping in touch! Do you or does anyone else know how long it takes for the U of U Graduate school to get back to us after they receive our application?
  7. I'm an alternate! I'll take it. Congrats to those who have gotten in; you deserve it! The applicants I met were amazing and all worked so hard for their dreams.
  8. I've heard PAs who work as first assist in surgery don't have much autonomy or decision-making to do but it can still be enjoyable. Would you consider that?
  9. Is your pod program a 4-year program? I think no matter what, you should try to finish because to PA programs, it doesn't look good to be admitted to a professional program to drop out. However, admissions committees understand people who are unsatisfied in their careers and want a different profession. You could practice as a podiatrist to gain PCE and make decent money and decide if you still want to apply to PA school then. No idea about loans, sorry.
  10. cGPA: 3.1, sGPA: 3.1 Most recent 60h: 3.8 Shadowing hours: 36 with 3 different PAs, a NP, 2 MDs Volunteer hours: about 3,000 GRE: V160 Q159 W4.0 PCE: 12,000 Research in geriatric community health Application verified June 27. Initial email from OHSU that they received my application was on Jul 5. Follow up email that my application was complete on Jul 7. Rejection email Jul 24. Good luck to the rest of you! I'll try again next year if I don't get in anywhere else.
  11. Got a rejection email today. Bummer. Glad they're letting us know pretty early instead of baiting us for months.
  12. If you guys have had a name change since taking college courses or your transcripts are taking over 3 weeks to process, definitely email or call them. I changed my name after marriage and it may have delayed the processing for my application. When my 5 transcripts were still not processed after waiting a month, I emailed them explicitly mentioning my name change. "Coincidentally" they processed all my transcripts 2 days after I emailed them. I submitted on June 22 and was verified on the 27th.
  13. I got an email that my application is complete today too! If it takes up to 10 weeks for them to review, maybe we'll be hearing from them between now and mid-september
  14. I submitted June 22, verified June 27, got the email June 28
  15. Got the email last week that they are screening my application! Good luck everyone! Invitations will go out in October. Has anyone been to the school before? If so, what kind of vibe did you get and what are the facilities like?
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