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  1. Hello! 1. the class size is 50.. so 9 students out of 50. 2. They have a 93% PANCE pass rate. 3. The program is 3 years old I believe.. and they have 2 lawsuits actually. One is for a student that believes he was kicked out dishonorably. Another is for a 2nd year student getting kicked out during clinical for calling child protective services during a psychology rotation (school felt that was out of her authority). 4. I applied to 4 schools, got interviews to all 4 (turned down one.. I know, stupid of me). waitlisted to 2, accepted to 1. 3.7 GPA, 3.5 science, a little over
  2. I am on 2 waitlists and am hoping I will get accepted elsewhere. (I'm #8 on one and am unsure where I'm at on the other). My stats are pretty good... I have a 3.7 GPA, 3.5 science, about 1,200 PCE hours, 40 shadowing, around 60 volunteer hours, and a little over 300 on the GRE (this isn't great, I know). However, I got an interview to each school I applied to (waitlisted to 2, accepted to one). I did not apply to many schools and regret that now and really think I should work on my interviewing skills. As for that program, I know a few students voluntarily dropped and some were dismissed
  3. Hello all! I could use some advice! I am currently accepted to a pa program that starts in June of this year. However, I am really second guessing this program, but hate to turn down my chance at pa school. I know multiple people that go there currently, and I have heard nothing but terrible things about the program. To start, they have already had 9 students drop out or be kicked out of the class that started in 2019 (I feel like this is very unheard of). I have heard countless stories of the staff being very demeaning and unsupportive (telling students they should drop out, will never b
  4. I am a current Sophomore Biology major, and plan on attending PA school after graduation. All of the PA schools I am interested in require about the same prerequisites. I am currently taking Organic Chemistry I, and am wondering if it is necessary for me to take Organic II. None of the schools I am interested in require beyond Organic I, but will it make me look more competitive to take Organic II? I really don't like the class, and currently have a B, so would it be worth it to take Organic II and risk a B/B-? Or would I (and my GPA) be better off without it? Also, taking Organic II would all
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