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  1. I heard back in January that my application was under review and have not missed any materials, but I have not heard back about anything.
  2. I am in the same boat as you. I submitted back in August and received and email that my app. was under review back in early January and still have not heard anything.
  3. Can you share with me what your stats were? Thank you and congrats!
  4. Oh yes that is right. I did hear that and remember reading that as well. Thank you so much for looking again!
  5. Yes, I was wondering the same exact thing when I submitted mine back then and when I called the school they told me that as long as you received the email stating “thank you for applying .....” and you sent your GRE scores to CASPA then you are fine. They can access the scores and transcripts through CASPA. Hope this helps.
  6. So almost 9 months wow! Do you know when you received that email from Michelle stating that your application was being processed and was waiting Admission Committee review??
  7. I applied back in August and earlier this month I received an email from Michelle stating that my application is currently being processed and is waiting Admission Committee review. Just curious how long it usually takes to hear anything? Would anyone mind sharing there stats with me? Thank you
  8. Thank you so much for keeping us updated with what is going on! It is very much appreciated! Have a blessed day Ryan Curley
  9. Yes that helps. So about a month. Thank you so much. Do you mind sharing your stats with me?
  10. From the time that we receive an email from Michelle stating that our application has been received and under review by admissions, how long does it generally take to hear any word back on your app. status (rough estimate)? Thank you.
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