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  1. While we are waiting to hear more information from the program I thought it might be a good idea to start an unofficial facebook group for those that have committed to Case! The group is called: This was a PAin, but we're on the right PAth 2021 https://www.facebook.com/groups/926464627743202/ Current 1st and 2nd year students are more than welcome to join as well!
  2. Has anyone that has decided on Case started thinking about housing? I'm wondering if any of the current students have any recommendations for places to live?
  3. @shelbysearcy7 Congratulations!! I was in complete shock too but from what I can remember I believe they said we would get an email this coming Monday and then we have until Friday, Oct 26th to respond with a decision. I believe the deposit is due by November 2nd!
  4. I received my acceptance call yesterday 2 hours after the interview!! I feel like I'm still in shock! So incredibly excited, Case is my top choice!!
  5. I am really considering airbnb because the hotel options don't look great or really close to campus. There are quite a few airbnbs with grad students right by the medical center so I might do that, depending on what the travel suggestions are from the program.
  6. I will also be interviewing on the 16th! I'm super excited too! Where are you from, anam828? I will be coming from Columbus so I will probably get a hotel the night before.
  7. I emailed Ricky about it after Christmas because I interviewed and didn't hear anything back. I eventually got the rejection letter in the mail a couple weeks ago.
  8. I interviewed on Nov. 15th and haven't heard anything since. And now that they have a waitlist does that mean there's no chance now? Or are they still admitting on a rolling basis in addition to the waitlist? I'm so anxious to hear back, OU is my top choice!
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