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  1. Hi all! Wanted to post an update and say that I interviewed on 8/19 and received the call that I was accepted today! Good luck to everyone else who interviewed that day and I look forward to being part of the incoming class
  2. Second time, older applicant looking to reapply this coming cycle -- CASPA verified early this past cycle with low GPA (2.93) and outstanding prereqs, which led to 5 app submissions and prompt rejections. Hoping that I've improved, but still looking for advice on how I can try to standout being on the low GPA end of things and thoughts on retaking the GRE! Undergrad Degree (2008): BS in Comm Studies & Rhetoric PostBacc (2016-2019) cGPA: 3.3 (undergrad, 3.3) sGPA: currently 3.13 (undergrad, 2.63) -- if I get an A in Immunology (3 credits) this coming Spring, I will have a sGPA of 3.18; if I take 4 credits and get an A, I will have a 3.2 Post-Bacc GPA: 3.6 Disclosure: DUI conviction 10 yrs ago Pre-req courses: Biostats: B- Psych: A Bio1: A Bio2: A A&P1: B- Gen Chem1: C+ (W from 5 yrs ago when I enrolled and dropped) Gen Chem2: C+ A&P2: A- BioChem: A MicroBio: A Genetics: A- Pending Immunology course this Spring GRE: 306, V158--Q148--W3.5 LoRs: 2 oncology attendings/primary investigators; 1 PA; 1 NP; 1 academic letter -- bio prof Hours: PCE: By the time I apply, 7074 hrs (8 yrs clinical research coordinator, CRC, in oncology clinical research) HCE: 7074 hrs (8 yrs clinical research associate, CRA, in oncology clinical research) Research: 1572 hrs Volunteer: 50 hrs, helping at a homeless clinic since Jan 2018 PA shadowing: 28 hrs surgical oncology and pediatric oncology I split my hours as 45% PCE/45% HCE /10% Research CRC - in the clinic w/patients (interviewing pts about PMH, one-on-one pt research interviews regarding Quality of Life, discussing & outlining the patient's course of treatment on vs. off-protocol, discussing the goals and medical implications of participating and answering questions about treatment, recruitment, and screening & assessing patient toxicities in clinic with physicians/PAs and through chart reviews, etc) CRA - clerical in regards to submitting necessary safety paperwork, chart reviews for tox assessments, scheduling patient appts, ordering necessary protocol labs and scans, data collection and entry, editing the research protocol, audit preparation, etc. Research - time spent more specifically pulling, sorting, and analyzing data for publications, mtgs with the stats team, MDs, etc.
  3. Perfect advice -- thank you! I definitely should have investigated more over at CASPA lol, so I appreciate the help!
  4. Hi all, I am just embarking on my pre-PA journey after having completed my bachelor's degree ~7yrs ago (taking my first science classes now!). For the past five years (and the reason I have decided to pursue PA school), I have been working in oncology doing clinical research as a clinical research associate (CRA)/clinical research coordinator (CRC). In terms of collective hours, I've been working in the hospital and with the physicians/PAs/and patients for the last 5 yrs, which puts me around 11k hours, but my question is how should I be thinking about breaking this up between HCE vs PCE vs Research? Per the CRA/CRC, half my job (CRC) is in the clinic with patients (taking vital signs, interviewing pts about PMH, screening and assessing patient toxicities in clinic with physicians/PAs and through chart reviews, one-on-one pt research interviews regarding Quality of Life, discussing and outlining the patient's course of treatment on vs off-protocol, recruitment, etc), while the other half (CRA) is more clerical in regards to submitting the necessary safety paperwork, data entry, editing the research protocol, pulling/compiling/reviewing on-going study data, etc. -- But all of these hours are directly associated/geared towards the overall Research protocols that encompass my job, which is where it starts to feel blurry... While I feel like I could certainly count half the hours (CRC hours) towards "PCE" as more direct hands-on care (though let me know if anyone would disagree here, as well), in terms of the Research vs HCE, would you guys have any recommendations about how I should try to delineate the CRA hours? Does it make sense to call all the hours HCE, but note that these are split 50% to PCE, with 25% to Research and 25% to "general" HCE? Since I am just starting out, I would like to make sure I have made sense of the hours I have already done and/or look to get a head start on compensating for any areas that I may be misinterpreting/over-estimating -- Any advice would be greatly appreciated! (edit: also posted on pre-PA reddit forum!)
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