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  1. I'll be there tomorrow too! See you then :)
  2. Any current students? Have a few questions regarding the program. Please message me!
  3. Hey all! Can anyone who has interviewed yet explain the interview process to me? I heard its two one-on-ones but I'm not too sure. How was the interview process if you have interviewed there? What should I expect/how should I best prepare? Thank you so much!
  4. I'll be traveling from California! I'm excited also! Honestly, just be yourself!! If you're meant for the school they'll see it and want you!
  5. Thank you! I was notified on 9/27 with a call. I am from San Francisco so northern California.
  6. I did. I haven't received any contact from them regarding that they've even received my application. Have you?
  7. Hey all! Just thought I'd start this thread.. Quick question, how do you know if long island received your GRE scores? B/C the scores are sent directly to the school and not through CASPA. Thanks!
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