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  1. ADP, as you interviewed with the program last year, can you offer any advice (while staying fair to everyone) about the interview process at Tri-C/CSU? Also, how long did it take for them to contact you after the interview? I know someone who was accepted, and she was notified only a few days later. Was that your experience with being placed on a wait list? EDIT: Also, how early did interviews start?
  2. For whatever reason, this is the question I have found the most difficult to answer. As many of us have experienced a lot in life, much of it impacting who we are, there are just so many ways to answer this question. Can anyone offer worthwhile advice (beyond be yourself or answer honestly). How did you go about answering it? Ideally, can anyone offer a solid example of how they wen;t about answering it? Thank you.
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