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  1. ACCEPTED! Congrats everyone. I am so excited to meet you all! Now what do we do!?
  2. I remember in the interview that they mentioned something about getting a response in February. I hope it doesn't take that long!
  3. The program doesn't begin until August, so its possible that they are still interviewing.
  4. Thank you for your reply! I have a few more questions about the program... Is the staff usually available when you need questions answered and clarified? When do you have time to study when classes are all day long? Are you able to practice the skills you have learned while in didactic year, such as a designated skills lab? Is the closing of the school from Friday sundown to Sunday sunrise ever an issue when it comes to wanting to study on campus or use the library? Thank you again, I really appreciate your time!
  5. Hello! I have recently been accepted to TUC class of 2020!! I just wanted to get feedback on your experience about the program so far? Do you like it? How supportive is the faculty? What are the pros and cons? I really appreciate your honest opinions!
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