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  1. I did get put onto the alternate list. I don't understand why they don't give any information in terms of ranking or size of applicant pool. I think the average number has been 10-13 in years past. GPA 3.5 Science GPA 3.5 PCH: 3200 (CNA/Scribe) Shadowing hours: over 100 Volunteer hours: over 100
  2. The other 2017-2018 topic must've somehow gotten deleted so I started a new one.
  3. Wasn't the APP deadline November 1? I am surprised they sent something out before the deadline.
  4. Still have not heard. I have heard they have sent out rejection letters to a lot of people already so im hoping I made it or the waitlist.
  5. Any more people get accepted or heard how many have been accepted or how many spots they have left to fill?
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