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  1. What a coincidence, I applied to two neuro positions at Mayo! I now work in a outpatient private neuro clinic. Glad to hear the position itself was great once the difficult hiring process was over.
  2. How was / is it working for Mayo? I applied as a new grad with no luck.
  3. In CA where I live, you need a prior DUI Hx ie 4th within 10 years or a prior DUI felony conviction(no time limit) OR since the OP said it was a first offense, a DUI goes from misdemeanor to felony with serious bodily harm or death.
  4. Any tips on how to best do this? Aside from spending time in your future work environment, how can you get honest feedback from employees? My biggest fear is accepting a job that I find out, too late, that I cannot stand.
  5. Thanks everyone for your advice. I appreciate it.
  6. UPDATE: After I asked to meet in-person to discuss to negotiate the contract, the offer of employment was rescinded . Advice on neurology outpatient private practice job offer: I am a new grad and was offered a job after a phone interview (no meeting in person). I am in Southern CA. Excepted to see 21-24 patients per day after training period, but then was told 3-4/hour. I would begin with follow ups. Pay: hourly, $55 for 1-3 months during "training" and $60 thereafter. 40 hours a week, potential for overtime paid according to CA law, but only with prior appr
  7. I am four months away from finishing PA school. I am just wondering when everyone started applying for jobs? I have started looking to see what is out there, but have not applied. Considering I will sit for the certification exam about a month after graduating, will employers consider a student at this point in time? What are some good sites to use? I have some contacts in southern CA, but I am not sure I want to practice locally as rent and traffic is outrageous so at this point I have not pursued this avenue. I am open to moving, have certain medical specialties I would prefer to work in, bu
  8. ClarissaB, The genetics course was a breeze. Most of the information was redundant if you have taken a genetics course or have a science degree. The coursework was manageable. You read, participate in discussions and write. It is very overpriced, but easy A.
  9. I had one recommendation letter written from a hospital administrator who was a former RN who received her PhD in Education.
  10. I took ochem at Berkeley during undergrad with lab, physics as well. Neither class was "fun" unless hunger games is your idea of a good time. Lol. Brutally competitive, but interesting subject matter.
  11. I would choose Penn State. I interviewed last cycle and was waitlisted sadly. I ended up going elsewhere, but it seemed like a phenomenal program. I believe team based learning should be implemented at every PA school, it is a very effective method of learning. The fact that it will also mean less debt should not be overlooked, $20,000 is a lot of money.
  12. PA student in didactic year. Is there a website where one can find these residences?
  13. I do not think the standards are higher for minorities per se, rather the minority applicants I know feel they have to work harder against the perceived bias that some in society have against them i.e. thinking they are not as intelligent, hardworking, or admission is based on race/ethnicity instead of merit, etc and this translates to above average stats in the form of GPA, years or quality of work experience, etc. So when they apply to graduate/professional school and are judged with all other applicants, those accepted are usually top students. However, my perspective is based on frie
  14. I was asked this. From CA interviewed in PA and was asked how I would deal being so far away from my support system. Also how I dealt with stress. I think it is a fair question. It seems like every year there are more applicants, so competition is different every cycle. From reading the posts on this forum, it is pretty common to not be accepted at a program where you were wait listed prior or to not even get an interview. Asking for feedback could prove helpful moving forward. Best of luck!
  15. Hmm. There is a noted underrepresentation of Latinos and African American in PA school just like in Medical school. However, I do not think admission is extended to these groups for the sake of ethnicity or race per se. That implies that standards are lowered for these students and I do not believe that occurs. What does happen I think is that admission committees want a diverse group of students and that extends to work, academic history, age, etc. but this affects all candidates. In general what I have noted from other Latino and black friends who have sought admission into med, pharmac
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