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  1. Younger is better! I started school when my kid was 10 months and they really don't miss you (you will miss them dearly but that's another story). We had a combination of in-home daycare, family members helping here and there, and then full-day nursery school to take care of her while I was in school. I spent the evenings with her and then started studying from 8-12ish each night. The days are long and hard but having a kid focuses you. I would also spend at least a 1/2 day at the library each weekend because studying with her around was near impossible. I would say that a half dozen students in my class had kids and we all survived, most graduated with honors! Just stay on top of childcare logistics, have a backup plan if it fails, and make sure school is aware of your situation. Hopefully they are accommodating. I had to miss a day or two for sick doctor visits and I made up the work on my own time and it was never an issue. They knew I was committed and was working as hard as I could. Good luck to you.
  2. Anyone else starting in January at Winthrop? I'd like to get in touch with others in the program before we start. Message me if you're in as well :)
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