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  1. Hi, I am a PA-S1 heavily interested in rotating in the Ann Arbor region and will be living in that area after graduation for the foreseeable future -- any specialty would be appreciated. My clinical year starts January 2021. I am a very hard-working, respectful, and efficient student shooting in the dark right now. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!
  2. Would you go as far as saying "do a residency in an area you may not even be extremely interested in because the advantages to your hiring ability are worth it"?
  3. Reading this post and other posts similar to it is scaring the living heck out of me. Starting school in the fall and will be looking for a job in a very competitive area (Michigan - Ann Arbor area).
  4. Hi, I have an unused student consult code that gives access to the online ebook. The asking price is $10.
  5. I have just accepted an offer to the program and am so so excited! Best of wishes to people still waiting, I know it is tough!
  6. Standard Format: Undergrad Ed School: Indiana University Major: Human Biology B.S. & Psychology B.A Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.94 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.90 Last 60 Cum GPA - 4.0 Last 60 Sci GPA - 4.0 Graduate Ed School: (if applicable) Cumulative Graduate GPA: (if applicable) Science Graduate GPA: (if applicable) Age at application time :21 1st GRE: 155 Verb, 152 Quant, 4.0 Analytical 2nd GRE: (if applicable) Direct Patient Care : (type & hours) 550 - Intake Volunteer at Volunteer Clinic and First Aid/EMT work for university events Extracurricular/Research Activities: PBK, Alpha Chi Sigma, Pre-PA Club (Treasurer), EMT-B for student-ran EMS on university, Teaching Intern for 2 years Schools Applied: Trine University Time Applying: First Application Submitted Date: 11/17 Schools Received Application Date: (approximate date): 11/18 LOR: Biochem prof, NP who worked with extensively at clinic, Teaching Intern Supervisor and Mentor Interview Invites:Trine University Denied: Withdrew Application: Waitlisted: Trine University Accepted: Trine University
  7. No, I just know that it's common practice.
  8. I did as well! I believe it can be down to the last week before school starts for them.
  9. Yup! Just trying my best to remain positive and hopeful!
  10. Hi, I am trying to plan for my future which includes intentions of following my SO after PA school for four years while she gets her PhD. My question is how much do I need to stress about my future school's ability to place me at clinical sites near that geographical area of interest (most likely out-of-state) where she will be going for grad school? What will dictate how likely I am to get my first job around where she lives? I know clinical rotations are an avenue through which new grads get their first jobs though I don't have a representative idea of how significant of a source that is. Obviously the state that she ends up being in for grad school will have their own PA programs with their own in-state clinical affiliations (as will more established programs in surrounding states) and I am worried that they will always get precedence over me within that state for clinical placement and resultantly, hiring priority. Also, I am curious as to how the school I went to, in general, will factor into this scenario as I am interested in a relatively new program. I am really hoping that many will tell me it really doesn't matter that much for the most part because it has been extremely stressful realizing how many variables there are and their potential implications for my future.
  11. Hi, I am applying this cycle and am in a tight situation where I have not applied yet but am planning to immediately. The problem is that I have sent in all of my transcripts, except for transcripts for Summer classes that I took this Summer (which I got As in) because I was planning on having submitted my applications by now and doing class in pending for both of them. Unfortunately now that I am done with both of them, I am afraid that I would be academically dishonest with CASPA and PA schools if I do not take the time to update CASPA with a new transcript that includes the completed summer classes. Of course I want to apply immediately but I do not know if my suspicions about academic dishonesty are correct. Can anyone please confirm this for me?
  12. Hi, I do not know if I will be able to get a LOR in time realistically from a PA and was wondering if a LOR from a NP that I work with would still be received well. As an alternative, there may be a Physician who I can get one from but I am just exploring my options.
  13. Almost every program that says they don't require HCE still wants to see some HCE. You're at a disadvantage by not having any HCE at all honestly.
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