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  1. Thanks!. I submitted on July 29... I don't think I'll get an interview. Thanks! You to- are you willing to share your story
  2. They might be doing it by date submitted? I submitted July 29... I probably won't be invited for an interview. I wish. Thanks though
  3. 2.9 ugrad 3.3 masters Both affected by serious complications with my dad's cardiac health, discussed in personal statement and letter of appeal. 5000+ pce /hce as lead exercise physiologist in pulmonary and Pulm rehab coordinator 500+ volunteer hours for salvation army 100+ volunteer hours for medical volunteering at Boston marathon and smaller races Published 9 times 5000+ research hours, clinical and data Good luck all. I'm not expecting much, but one can hope =)
  4. It's actually on my list to apply to this year :) thanks!! Hmm that's weird, someone at Northeastern told me to apply anyways because of my strong PCE/HCE and my Masters degree... it's so much harder to get into PA school these days. What was once a secondary career for health care professionals who knew what they were getting into is basically a crash course of medicine for traditional graduates straight out of ugrad with little to no professional experience in patient care, medicine, or healthcare... :/ I guess EVMS is out :( On the phone they told me they'll only look at my highest GPA degree... that sucks.
  5. Last year was sacred heart, temple, touro Manhattan, BU, downstate, upstate, a few others... And yes it is a big deal to most schools.
  6. I really appreciate all the feedback, and I absolutely see your point (and ILYGURLIE's)... Working 40 hours in Pulmonary Rehab, as a lead ex physiologist (e.g. today I was called in oversee a pediatric complex cardiopulmonary stress test while consulting on an adult exercise complex stress test at another hospital. This is extremely flattering that these hospitals and physicians consider me an expert...) While working 20 hours as a research coordinator at another hospital... and 15 hours in my own hospital as a research coordinator... A lot of hours to work, carrying full-time responsibility in two part time jobs with a full time job... I have not dropped the ball yet. Thank god. There is a lot that goes into each. I want to take that hard work, dedication, etc, etc.. and transition it into my coursework in PA school, clinicals, and the PANCE. I am confident I will carry the course work well... it's shifting from these multiple work experiences into multiple courses and balancing that load only. Hmm, this sounded nicer in my mind rather than out loud.
  7. Thank you ajames, it's really hard. Taking 2-4 classes and getting A's right now isn't my solution. Yeah, the adcomms might see it - but a, it's going to be hard (anything worth getting is never easy.. I know) and b, it's raise my GPA by what? .01? I'm trying to make up for it in other areas. I really want to shift my time carrying multiple roles in healthcare - which are not easy to manage or balance w/out dropping the ball to studying for 6-7 classes at a time full time.
  8. I have a 2.9 ugrad (Kinesiology) ... a 3.3 grad (Exercise Physiology) (MS)... some a's, b's and c's in a post-bacc (there's a good reason behind this). Now I think my Cum is 2.8 or 2.9 still... not sure. My BS and MS suffered due to familial problems with my dad's serious cardiac complications including a mitral valve prolapse (followed with an emergency open heart mitral repair)... congestive heart failure and a myriad of serious health complications... followed with pericarditis in 2012 (followed by an emergency pericardectomy in 2012) that impacted both my UGRAD and GRAD GPA. Because my dad was in and out of the hospital through my ugrad and grad career (with my kind of disappearing in the final semester of my grad career - impacting my grad GPA), I didn't have financial guidance and ended up taking out loans per advice of financial officers in my alma mater. I wish I knew then what I know now. :/ Because of this, I work insane hours @ >70 / week, impacting my post-bacc grades... and I cannot stop working or I'll be drowning financially. I wish I could. That's the #1 piece of advice.. stop working so much. Simple answer, unless I get a better paying job (and I get paid decently)... I can't. my GRE right now? 151 in verbal... 148 math (I need to get this up)... 5.5 in writing. I am planning on retaking the GRE, I only studied a few days - not happy with these scores... but it's enough to scrape by. The rest of my application? ... Since 2012.. I was a Starbucks Barista @ 35 hours /week. Since 2013 - 2014, I worked in Research Data Management in a Pediatric Hospital's Emergency Department. @ 20 hours / week Since September 2013 - Present, I am the lead Exercise Physiologist running a pulmonary rehabilitation program with direct patient care, overseeing patient care, patient outcomes, exercise programs, etc... in addition I do pulmonary function testing, I am the lead on both adult and pediatric exercise challenges, I oversee and educate the complex cardiopulmonary exercise stress tests (level 1, 2, and 3 - 3 being with a right-heart cath in a potential PHT patients)... I am also on the inpatient and outpatient tobacco treatment team - all direct patient care and bedside... @ 40 hours/ week Since March 2015 - Present I have been a research coordinator at the medical school for the hospital i work in overseeing clinical research with direct patient care/contact in a COPD population; while maintaining data integrity, and contributed to the research protocol etc... @ 15 hours / week From November 2013 - Present Day.. I have also served as a research associate, lab manager, data research coordinator, ... I could go into more detail, but I'm still a research collaborator @ 20 hours / week I also have been a medical volunteer for the Boston Athletic Association since 2012 as a member of their sweep team at the boston marathon and a number of small races I also run races for the hospital team and raise money for them... since last year. I also volunteer non-medical > 100 hours for the Salvation Army (cooking for the homeless) I have accumulated > 4500 direct health care experience hours I have accumulated > 5000 indirect patient / research hours I have 9 peer reviewed publications / contributions including papers, abstracts/posters .. 2 are first author My 4 recommendations are STRONG. All directors of their respective programs, or the chief surgical PA.. and 1 was a professor of mine (director of pathology @ hospital) <~ I have been told this. I have had frequent communication with some admissions coordinators - some tell me b/c of my GPA there are programs who will over look me. That's inevitable. There are some who are interested in my backstory and how hard I've worked to overcome my GPA flaw. It's a big flaw. ...Anyone have any advice for me? I know I have some serious flaws, and I don't think taking MORE classes and working my ass off can help me much now... Retaking the GRE, yes. Where have I applied? So far I've applied to MGH and Northeastern, both state they do look at entire applications, and do consider non-traditional candidates with strong backstories if the GPA or GRE are lacking. Where am I applying? Yale - told me to apply with an appeal for consideration for my backstory Temple - told me to apply with an appeal for consideration for my backstory. EVMS - They take the highest > 3.0 GPA (my Masters) Touro - with an appeal Quinnipiac - with an appeal Methodist - someone on admissions told me to apply, she was very impressed after speaking with me by accident! Rosalind Franklin - with an appeal Not sure where else I'll apply yet... PS - I was a medical first responder at the Boston Marathon, that is in my personal essay Help :( I think I'm a lost cause. This is my SECOND year applying.
  9. I spoke to someone who told me they allow 10-14 days after closing of the deadline to allow for applications to be "complete" but you MUST be verified by CASPA at this time or your application will be incomplete. Here's to hoping MGH takes a serious holistic look at our applications.
  10. I was verified last year... but I forgot I added last semester's grades after I was verified. Those grades didn't change my transcript - is there any way to ask CASPA to remove the semester from my application to revert back to my original verification?? Thanks
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