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  1. If there are any UNE or Rush grads out there on the forum, I'm interested in your opinion of your respective program. Did you have a positive experience? Feel well prepared? How were the clinical sites? I was accepted to both and am trying to make a decision between UNE and Rush. My assessment, Rush is a newer program, I think 3 years old? Clinical site locations are likely less well established, but the program has the ability to lean heavily on its giant academic medical center. UNE is 20ish years old, clinical sites are more well established and quality of sites I anticipate wou
  2. I recently interviewed at Idaho State University and very much liked the campus and faculty I met with. I have some reservations about "distance learning" and watching some portion of lecture via video conference. Any current ISU students have experience with this? Do you feel it inhibits interaction with professors at all, or is it pretty seamless?
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