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  1. Anyone know when they call to pull for waitlists?
  2. @concernduck @nikgee I just checked in at the four points! anyone wanna grab dinner or smth? lol
  3. @anniee92 @nacho42 awesome! can't wait to meet everyone. I'll be flying in from CA on Sunday and staying at the four points!
  4. did everyone mail the data sheet with regular snail mail or had some sort of tracking # for it?
  5. i'll be there for that interveiw too! are you staying at the four points hotel?
  6. Just got an invite to interview on July 8-9!
  7. Congrats! When was your caspa verified, if you don’t mind me asking?
  8. Hrm weird. I thought I read somewhere it was $50 lol does anyone know when we start hearing back from the program?
  9. those who have submitted the supplemental, where did they ask for payment? I hit "application completed" and then i got a confirmation email but no where to enter payment...
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