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  1. Not sure if you woke up this morning and told yourself that you are going to shower a select bunch of prior Corpsman with enough knowledge to open their eyes or what, but thanks for this info never really thought that far into it even though I did look at the pass rate but I didn't look at every school I'm looking to apply to pass ratings. Didn't even know chapel hill had a PA program until 15 minutes ago. Thanks for your help
  2. Thanks for the advice and wisdom I will look into that option as well my location just sucks because the schools I am close too are all private schools so I may have no other choice but I will be going with the cheapest school but also a good school. Also you are right about military medicine being a different ball game when comparing it to civilian medicine which I am starting to experience now working in a civilian practice and I am not able to do near as much as what I am use too and it kind of sucks cause I feel like a turd just sitting around watching YouTube and Netflix until I'm need. I wish you the best of luck as well and thanks for everything you have done
  3. Your right I meant glad you caught that, and yeah got my appointments next week so hopefully I can start getting my compensation by January. As far as Voc rehab goes will that cover 100% of PA school or am I better off apply for the HSCP?
  4. Yeah I have been looking at few different school but planning on hopefully getting into Duke but they are all pretty expensive but the gi bill should cover everything besides the app fees and stuff like that. and I appreciate and thank you for what you have done as well bro
  5. For all the Corpsman out there past and present how is what we are taught as HMs helped you so far in the PA program? Just got out on the 4th of this month planning on applying next year as long as everything goes as planned.
  6. Good morning all, My question is fairly simple how was it going through the program and being a parent with a full time working spouse? Do you think the program was or is harder for you because of having outside things to care of out of school?
  7. I was 8404 as well and with 2nd MarDiv and yeah that makes sense. What state did you end up applying in?
  8. I am considering becoming a paramedic to get some clinical experience before becoming a physician assistant. Anyone else doing this? I am 26 years old and my main reason for thinking about going this route before PA School is because I just recently got out of the Navy where I was a Corpsman so I do have more than enough patient contact hours in many settings but am also married with kids. My wife is finishing up PT school so I do have to work a well paying job while she finishes up school. I am a RMA as well but they do not make that much and the job is really boring as far as what I am used to. I recently came across a school that has a Hybrid Paramedic program that I can do and work full time. So getting my Gi Bill housing money and working will help us survive until my wife finishes school. My next dilemma is that I have about 3 semesters left for my undergrad which I would have to put on old until I finished this Paramedic program and that would push my timeline back even further before I could apply and get accepted into a PA program which is my ultimate goal. So I guess my question is will this help me out in the long run with PA school as far as becoming a Paramedic. Sorry I wrote so much and all advice is welcomed.
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