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  1. Yes! We definitely should
  2. Congrats to everyone! Can't wait to meet y'all in the fall!
  3. Orientation is in September. Classes start the first week of October I believe
  4. It was one on one with the panel that interviewed you and it's only to tell you whether or not you're in, rejected or waitlisted
  5. Just thought I would start a forum for everyone who's submitted their seat deposited and decided to attend south college for the class of 2019! Let me know if there's anyone else out there!! I'm eager to figure out places to live etc
  6. Received my rejection letter as well
  7. m i'm in the same boat. hopefully we will hear something
  8. has anyone gotten a rejection email yet?
  9. i heard the same thing but i am hoping they're calling over a longer period of time!!
  10. i am so nervous. does anyone know how many days they'll be calling people?
  11. i actually just got an email with some information about the seat deposit deadline, etc. do you know how many people were accepted from that date?
  12. To the people who got accepted from the Nov 11th interview, have you guys received your acceptance packed in the mail yet?
  13. from what i've heard, they did all their interviews last week
  14. i guess it was intimidating for me because i like the one on one individual interview style better. i just kept getting nervous listening to other people's answers and waiting to say mine. otherwise that it was not bad. the faculty are all super friendly and the only advice i can say is be yourself. i was probably the least qualified patient care hours wise and i am still in undergrad but they said that my personality really showed through in the interview and they thought i'd be a great fit so just try and relax (i know way easier said) and be yourself!! that's all they are wanting to see