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  1. I myself had a cGPA below a 3.0 but my last 60 credits cGPA was a 3.45. I applied to 7 schools and got one interview and one acceptance from one of the schools on the list. I start at Campbell University the end of July. It took me 2 cycles to get accepted and I kept taking courses to improve my cGPA and show the ADCOM how serious I was about medicine. Best of luck this cycle.
  2. Erinm23 I will be starting at Campbell in July and was admitted by them looking at my last 60 credits. I do not know of any other programs from the ones you have listed. Best of luck this cycle
  3. Janab, Sorry to hear that and hope you can fix it fast. I have not received any emails saying they had any issues with my forms. Best of luck
  4. Oh wow...interesting and wonder why they no longer require it.....Best of luck and ask any questions you may have.
  5. rtan, Last year when I was applying to Campbell I remember submitting the CASPer test and supplemental at the same time. I wanted to complete the CASPer test as early as possible but did not complete it till end of July. I received an interview invite in Oct and was accepted to start this July 31st. Best of luck
  6. I also got an email saying I was referred to hiring manager.
  7. Hey, I’ll be one of your classmates this year and I noticed you are full of information. I haven’t made it to any student days and wanted to see if you could help me out with a question about FA? Don’t know who you are on FB so I can DM you.

    1. Packman PA

      Packman PA

      Yes feel free to ask me anything and I will help anyway I can....On FB I am "Christopher Moss" Also we have a "Campbell University PA class of 2021".  I will answer as quickly as I can as I work during the day but have free time here and there.

      Chris Moss

  8. I know I had to take it last year when I applied and would suggest contacting Campbell directly to get clarification. Best of luck this year applying
  9. I have been accepted to Campbell University and will be starting July 31st. The facilities are brand new and have great sim labs and more. I can't compare to other programs as I did not get interviewed anywhere else or tour but can say many have supported the fact Campbell has top notch facilities and amazing instructors too.
  10. I'm not sure how greatly it will make a difference but if you can get the director to add some comments I would try. Sorry to hear you are having to deal with that
  11. I'm a first year PA student starting in July and USAF veteran (4yrs active duty). Fingers crossed as well
  12. I do know that when I was looking some programs they did state in the class profile the % of in state vs out of state and it showed a majority of accepted students were in state. I know for Campbell where I will be starting in July we did have students in the class from Florida, Texas, Utah but I do not know the breakdown of in state vs out of state. Best of luck this year applying
  13. I’m glad to hear it went well and I’m very excited to be starting this July. Good luck applying and feel free to ask any questions.
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