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  1. Congrats to everyone who’s been accepted and has an upcoming interview. I’m a current 2nd year in my clinical rotation. Feel free to ask myself, and any other current 2nd years and 1st years. Great program and so happy to be at Campbell. Chris
  2. Hello

    I had a question for you if you do not mind answering. 

    I see that Campbell PA program is Christian faith based, would you apply if you are from a different faith?


    Thank you 

  3. Welcome to the Program and be sure to join the Facebook page. I’m a current 1st year and feel free to reach out to any of us with any questions you might have. chris m
  4. Everyone interviewing tomorrow I wanted to wish you good luck and just be yourself You will get to meet some of my classmates so ask them anything as no faculty will be in the room with you. My real name is Chris ( only one in the class with that name lol ) again congrats on the interview and best of luck
  5. Congrats on the invites to everyone coming Sept 6th. You will love the program and meeting the faculty. I’m enjoying the program myself
  6. Hey guys For those that interviewed yesterday it can take awhile before you hear back. Last year I interviewed on a Friday and heard back the following Monday mid morning. So it might not be till tomorrow or Monday. We just had skills test/OSCE test yesterday and first big exam today and they will need to look that over as well. Best of luck and ask if you have any further questions.
  7. Pqyourpa, When I interviewed last year they did not tell us how many seats were still open. I can’t say enough about the program and how much they truly care about the students too.
  8. Alexiscoelho, Congrats on the interview. I’m a 1st year student and getting Uber/Lyft in Buies creek near school can be challenging. I live in raleigh and commute every day so I did not have to get a hotel or car. You might want to see if anyone else is going to rent a car/hotel near you and carpool. Just hate for you to not get an Uber the day of your interview. It’s a great program and the instructors truly care and are amazing. Again congrats and ask me if you have any other questions.
  9. Matt24, Im a current first year and can say yes we do use cadavers for our anatomy lab. They are already prosected by the PT students so this allows us more time to study and learn and don’t need to do any of the dissection. As for rotations I’m not sure exactly but was told they are in N.C. and if you say we’re to live in raleigh. They try and make the sites within about a hour drive. But I’m not sure of the exact details. Good luck and congrats on getting an interview
  10. Congrats to those that got accepted. I’m a current 1st year in the PA Program and can say you will love being at Campbell.
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