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  1. Matt24, Im a current first year and can say yes we do use cadavers for our anatomy lab. They are already prosected by the PT students so this allows us more time to study and learn and don’t need to do any of the dissection. As for rotations I’m not sure exactly but was told they are in N.C. and if you say we’re to live in raleigh. They try and make the sites within about a hour drive. But I’m not sure of the exact details. Good luck and congrats on getting an interview
  2. Congrats to those that got accepted. I’m a current 1st year in the PA Program and can say you will love being at Campbell.
  3. They ask questions to get to know you and a chance for you to get to know Campbell too. It’s an amazing program and faculty.
  4. Wanted to say good luck to the people interviewing tomorrow. I’m a current student and can say Campbell is an amazing program and the interview process is not stressful at all.
  5. Best of luck everyone and I remember being in your spot last year waiting to hear back for an interview and then the acceptance. I start the end of July. Feel free to ask any questions and will help if I can....Remember to never give up on this amazing dream
  6. Congrats on the interview and I myself am starting in 2 weeks and know a few of the dual degree classmates.
  7. I had a similar situation and I got accepted to Campbell as they will look at your last 60credits and as long as you have over a 3.2gpa they will consider you. Look them up and best of luck.
  8. It is 3.2 and above from what I remember. I myself will be starting my 1st year at Campbell in July. Best of luck.
  9. I myself will be 48 in July and starting at Campbell same month. So I will be turning 50 when I graduate. I don't feel like it will be a huge negative and so far everyone in my class I've met has been amazing. Feel free to ask me anything as well. I know when I was applying both times this board helped me out a lot. Best of luck
  10. You will have to look at each program but I do know some programs do not have a date on classes but some "suggest" they not be over 5-7 yrs for the A&P courses. I had a lot of classes that were over 7 years but re took A&P I/II for Campbell where I got accepted and will be starting in July
  11. I too have not received any updates. Submitted my application a few days before closing date and just got the same email a few days afterwards saying my application was being referred. I too am checking this site, USAJOBS site and email way to much...LOL...best of luck everyone
  12. ClarissaB, I know when I reapplied last year I did go ahead and resend my GRE scores to just cover my base. I understand that is an added expense but better to be safe than sorry I thought. Best of luck this cycle and I start at Campbell the end of July so ask any questions and I will help if I can.
  13. I myself had a cGPA below a 3.0 but my last 60 credits cGPA was a 3.45. I applied to 7 schools and got one interview and one acceptance from one of the schools on the list. I start at Campbell University the end of July. It took me 2 cycles to get accepted and I kept taking courses to improve my cGPA and show the ADCOM how serious I was about medicine. Best of luck this cycle.
  14. Erinm23 I will be starting at Campbell in July and was admitted by them looking at my last 60 credits. I do not know of any other programs from the ones you have listed. Best of luck this cycle
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