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  1. I will be driving about 50-60 minutes each way to my program. I plan on using the time to listen to the lectures but understand why some would rather not do the commute and live closer. For my program I spoke to a few students that commute right now and they said they too use that time to listen to the lectures and don't feel as though they are missing time studying or anything. Again, the choice is personal and sure you will hear folks that commute and others that do not. Congrats on the acceptance and best of luck
  2. I applied to Campbell University and will be starting this fall. If you have any other questions I would be happy to answer
  3. I applied to 7 schools this cycle (2nd time applying) and 3 from the list. I only received 1 invite and it was from this list and accepted to that school as well. I agree you need to have other areas of your application be very high to help off set the low GPA. For myself that was military medic of 4 yrs and over 20 yrs of working in the pharm research field along taking post bac classed to boost my gpa and classes that I knew the adcom would like to see (Med Term and Pathophysiology). I will say never give up your dream no matter the age. I will be turning 50 when I graduate, so if I can make it so can others.
  4. Packman PA

    University of Nevada Reno 2018-2019

    Sorry for the confusion but I never got a interview invite. I was in limbo to hear about getting one when I got the rejection email.
  5. Packman PA

    University of Nevada Reno 2018-2019

    I too got my rejection email but luckily I got into my top choice program and will be starting this fall...Best of luck to everyone else....
  6. They truly do look at your last 60 credits if they state that in their application process. I applied to Campbell University and they say either need a cGPA of 3.2 and if you do not have that they will look at your last 60 credits but those need to be a 3.2 as well. In my case they did do that as I received a interview and acceptance this year. Again, they will only look at the last 60 credits not any further back
  7. My story is rather unique but hope it gives some hope and helps you out. I too had a poor undergrad (1 1/2 years at VA Tech cGPA 1.73). I then joined the USAF from 92-96 as a Med Lab Tech. Graduated with honors and after completing a 4 year contract enrolled at NC State. I was married, working full time, school full time and helping to raise my daughter. I graduated with honors (cGPA 3.4). At that time I decided and long story but did not pursue my dream of becoming a PA at that time. Now fast forward. I have been in the Drug research industry since I graduated in 2001. I started to take some post bac classes to one raise my GPA and show the adcom that I was serious about being a PA. Took up volunteer work at the ER on Friday nights as well. The post bac classes I took are A&P 1/2 (A's in both), Gen Psych (A-), Endocrinology (A), Med Term (A) and Pathophysiology (A). This is my 2nd year applying. My first year my CASPA cGPA was a 2.89 and sGPA was 2.98. As you can imagine I got all rejections. This year my CASPA cGPA was a 2.92 and sGPA was a 3.0. I got only 1 invite and that school did accept me. My story is I never stopped taking classes to show the adcom and raise my GPA (I know it only goes up very little even with A's). The school I applied to would look at my last 60 credits (that was a cGPA of 3.2). I believe my determination, upward trend GPA, Personal Statement that explained my younger years and how I learned from that error and improved and Military service. All helped in getting me that interview. If I can make it so can you...don't give up if becoming a PA is your dream. There are people who yes got in their 1st try and many others who did not get in till their 3rd, 4th and 5th try. Feel free to ask me anything else and good luck
  8. Packman PA

    Rough start

    I am a non traditional student (47 yrs old/veteran from USAF Medic/Lab Tech). I too I had rough start in college and enlisted in the military. Completed my 4 yr contract, enrolled back into another university and graduated with honors. Due to CASPA counting all my years of college my cGPA and sGPA were low so I took some post bac classes to help increase my cGPA and sGPA plus show how serious I was about becoming a PA. I applied 2 years in a row. My 1st time applying I was rejected from all the schools I applied, this year I was rejected from all of the schools but 1 did give me a interview invite and an acceptance letter. I know first hand the struggle but the one I applied to looked at my last 60 credits. I believe due to that plus showing an upward trend since my first year struggles and taking post bac classes is what helped me to get the interview and finally accepted. If you have any further questions feel free to send me a private message. Keep working hard and don't give up...I am proof it can happen....
  9. Packman PA

    Waitlist frustration

    I finally got in my 2nd time applying and after speaking with a future fellow classmate. She applied the same school 3x. Got an interview rejected the first time, nothing the 2nd time and finally the 3rd time interviewed and accepted. She told me that the reason she was rejected the first time was that during her group discussion (3 interview candidates). Your are given a scenario to discuss among the 3 of you. She said that she gave one critique (your are asked to critique) and because of that she came across not a team player. She made sure not to do that the 3rd time. So the above comments about possibly working on the interview seem to be the direction since your application has gotten you interviews. Keep your chin up and don't give up
  10. you can ask a question and then they will directly answer your question but it is seen in a group forum setting. At least that is how it was when I did it online
  11. I did the virtual fair earlier this spring and helped answer a lot of my questions. I have already been accepted but happy to answer any questions I can help with. Sadly, I don't know anything about more interview dates and such in the near future.
  12. I wanted to reach out to all the wait list folks. When I was at the accepted students event today I spoke to Wes about how the wait list works. Simply put he said the reason nobody is given a number for the wait list is because it fluctuates depending on multiple factors on the application. One week the person might be at the top and the following week it might change due to how the pool of wait list applicants are viewed. Sorry I don't have more precise information to give but wanted to let you know what I did find out. Have my fingers crossed for all of you.
  13. Hey guys I checked the forum from last year about the wait list and looks like people started to hear something as early as December and as late as April. So don't lose hope yet ok....there is still a chance you will get in ?
  14. Welcome to the class ? I live in Raleigh myself so if you have any questions there are some of us that live nearby to help answer questions......
  15. I don't know if there is only one day of phone calls or not....Last year in the forum it seemed that the emails of rejections and wait list went out a few days afterwards.....sorry I don't have a better answer....

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