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  1. I found out within a week after my interview with Campbell. They called me with the acceptance.
  2. I applied to Campbell University in North Carolina
  3. Also feel free to message me if you have any further questions.....
  4. You can choose which GRE scores to send. So yes if you did better the first time send those and do not send the other scores.
  5. I know that Campbell University will look at your last 60 credits if you cGPA is not 3.2.
  6. My situation was slightly different from yours but the school I applied and got accepted to would look at your last 60 credits if you did not have a cGPA of 3.2. My GRE scores were almost identical to yours....I did take Pathophysiology and Endocrinology to help boost my application as well. Good luck and don't give up
  7. Goldielocks, If you look at my stats on the "PA Applicant Stats Page" on page 51 you will see that I did get in with a low GPA. I did however have military experience as a Med Lab Tech/Medic for 4yrs (92-96) so I believe that helped. Feel free to ask me any further questions and good luck and don't give up on your dream
  8. I don't remember what it consisted of sorry. I do remember having to take the CASPer test last year. It consists of videos you watch and have to answer questions and there were some written out scenarios as well and having to answer questions. I did not study for that test as it is more about just being honest in how you would handle situations. All of my scenarios were non-medical ones but the overall scenarios are what I would describe as real world ones. Believe you can go to the CASPer home page to learn more about the test.
  9. Hey guys. I will be starting at Campbell this coming fall. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them and help if I can. Good luck everyone
  10. I can only speak about my A&P courses and they were 4 credits with a lab but the lab was not an individual grade. The lab grade was roughly 20% of our overall grade. So on my transcripts it shows just A&P/4 credits/"Grade received". You might try reaching out to programs and asking them about this question specifically. Good Luck
  11. I wanted to let you know that you should not feel average and you have a decent GPA and experience. You have put a plan in place to get some shadowing with a PA, MD and NP. If you got to the PA Applicant Stats Page and scroll to page 51 and look for my entry "Packman PA". You will see how I am not a typical PA applicant. Non-traditional student. older (47), tons of experience but lower GPA and GRE. I applied to Campbell University here in North Carolina. They look at your last 60 credits if your cGPA is not a 3.2. However your last 60 credits do need to be at or over the 3.2cGPA mark. Keep working hard and don't give up. Feel free to contact me with any questions and best of luck
  12. I found this site helpful and wanted to tell my story in order to let others see that a non-traditional student with a low CASPA GPA due to freshman mistakes can make it if you keep working hard. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. After being put on Academic probation/suspension from VA Tech I joined the USAF as a Medical Lab Tech/Medic 1992-1996. After completing my contract with the military enrolled at NCSU and graduated with honors. Took more post-bacc classes for pre-reqs and boost up my GPA at Durham Tech Community College and NCSU. Should be stated that Campbell will look at your last 60 credits if your CASPA cGPA is not a 3.2. Undergrad Ed School: North Carolina State University Major: Zoology Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.3 (from NCSU and does not include the courses I received a D and F in from my freshman year) Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.23 (from NCSU and does not include the courses I received a D and F in from my freshman year) CASPA Undergrad cGPA: 2.92 (this is low due to being put on Academic probation/suspension my freshman year) CASPA Undergrad sGPA: 3.00 (this is low due to being put on Academic probation/suspension my freshman year) Post-bacc cGPA: 3.86 Post-bacc sGPA: 4.00 Age at application time: 47 3rd GRE: 304 (155, 149, 3.0) This was my best score after 3 times. Direct Patient Care: ~12,000 hours as a Medical Laboratory Technician/Medic in the USAF for 4 years Volunteer: ~60 hours in the Emergency Department Shadowing: 9 hours with a PA in neurosurgery Letters of Rec: PA (was a fellow military friend who I worked with and obtained his PA degree shortly after we completed our contract with the USAF in 1996), MD/PhD mentor and A&P professor with a MD/PhD as well. Schools Applied: Duke, University of Florida, University of Utah, University of Nevada at Reno, Stanford and Campbell Application Submitted Date: June 25th 2018 Interview Invites: Campbell Denied w/o interview: all except for Campbell Rejected after interview: 0 Accepted: Campbell Attending: Campbell Attempt: 2nd
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