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  1. You could also try looking here http://www.tustudentlife.com/housing/rentals/
  2. We are still waiting for the administration to confirm deposits made by students. Students that are offered a seat will typically have 1-2 weeks to submit their first deposit and then some additional time to place their second deposit. I don't recall the exact timeframe for this, but some students may need more time to decide if they want to attend this program. The faculty are only sure that the student wishes to attend to program if they receive both deposits from the student. However, I have heard that some students have placed their full deposits, but decided to attend a different program.
  3. Each year is a little different since it really depends on whether the students accept their seats. A lot of students in my class came from the waitlist, but the class before us did not have that many. I'm not sure if this helps, but definitely continue to look out for emails. People can be offered a seat as late as right before orientation day!
  4. Yes, interviews are completed. I believe the faculty is still trying to finalize the class for this fall.
  5. It would make sense to have the students lined up numerically for the waitlist. I know quite a few people in our class that were on the waitlist, but it really depends on each class and who decides to place a deposit. Remember that anything can happen. For example, if a student places a deposit and fails to show up to orientation, that spot would be open to the person next on the waiting list. Hope this helps a bit! Good luck!
  6. I was medium. I think only one person in our class was from the high waitlist and I don't think I know anyone that was from the low waitlist.
  7. For last year, I was notified via email one week after that I was on the waitlist. I received a call roughly 3 weeks after for a seat and received the letter a week after that call. Hope this helps! The faculty have been very busy this month, so please be patient if you have not heard back yet. It has been a very busy month since we're towards the end of the semester.
  8. http://www.tustudentlife.com/housing/rentals/ is a good place to look. Craigslist also works!
  9. It also seems that there is a tentative date on June 5th. This date was just added to our calendar not too long ago, so it seems that they are still trying to interview some more people.
  10. My #1 advice is to try to relax! Don't let your nerves get the best of you! I'll be helping out with interviews tomorrow, so I hope to meet some of you tomorrow :)
  11. I participated in the Bridge Program last summer. I personally loved the program and highly recommend it! There are 10 people that are accepted into the program and we receive mini lectures from PH and PA faculty throughout the 2 weeks. We also receive some academic counseling and extra study tips. It doesn't require much mental effort, but it is mainly there to help us transition into PA school. I was out of school for roughly 3 years so I just wanted to make sure that I slowly eased into the program. We spent a lot of time with Grace Landel and some of the other faculty members. I also reall
  12. We get an official list from the faculty to confirm who has submitted their deposits. The processing time for the deposits usually take some time, so your request to join the group is still pending at the moment. Don't worry! We saw your request but we are still waiting to hear back from the faculty.
  13. There is just 1 in March now since there is an interview on 2/28. The other interviews are scheduled for 3/21, 4/4, and 4/25. I received an invitation 2 weeks before the interview.
  14. I just wanted to remind you guys that the admissions committee is still reviewing applications (including secondaries). I actually did not get my interview invitation until late March, so don't lose hope!!
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