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  1. Thanks again for the responses! I mean the cycle that opens in April so not the current cycle. Sorry again for the confusion. By that time I will only have two outstanding prerequisite courses which is okay with every school I want to apply at. I am also considering taking those in summer term so they will be finished by August. I don't know that that will make a difference if I apply in May but everything is set except that PA letter. I am glad I asked and now realize it's importance and will give my all in trying to build as meaningful a relationship as I possibly can through shadowing.
  2. Thank you guys so much for the responses! I'm sorry for the confusion I meant the one opening in April so for the 2018 start dates. I greatly appreciate the input and am trying to get more shadowing and potentially a letter from a PA. I'm just nervous I won't have the relationship built for a good letter but I understand the importance of getting that letter. I plan to take my GRE soon so I can submit as early as possible. Probably submit in may so I will have all but two prerequisite courses finished with grades in.
  3. Hello all. I have been digging around on this forum for a while and trying to avoid posting but with the application cycle coming up I have a question or two. My first question is should I apply this cycle? I am working on a Psych Degree with a cGPA: 3.96 sGPA: 3.9 GRE: Not Yet Worth Mentioning: I only have 4 prereqs left. Anatomy, Physio, Microbio, Biochem I had to withdraw my original first year due to illness and have only withdrawn from one class since then. This I feel should not be a factor after I explain but it could hurt me. I have ~4000 hours PCE as a nurse's
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