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  1. Hey everyone,

    I am also a current OU student. Last year the first interview was 10/26 and first acceptances sent around 11/5. Although there was a phone call a few days prior. The invitation for the supplemental app did not go out until 9/1. 

    The dates will likely not be exactly the same and this is a busy time for the school, but their dates for things were definitely later than some of the other Ohio programs. 

    I am really excited for you guys and if you have any questions at all shoot me a message 🙂



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  2. 14 minutes ago, lech08 said:

    Hey friends who have already interviewed, I just got an interview invite! So they're asking for a recent color photo of myself, did you send a professional headshot or a cropped picture from an event? I am probably way over thinking this! 

    Not professional but I just did my hair, makeup, and put on a nice shirt. Then took the picture in front of a plain wall. Best of luck!

  3. I am interested in this answer as well. I just did my average. So if I was part time then full time I found the total hours and divided it by the amount of weeks. So even though at one point I was 16 hours a week and another 40, I put 24 in the box. I am not sure if this is correct though. 

  4. Hi Everybody,

    It is getting pretty close to application time for me and I had a question on whether I should try to get more PA shadowing hours. Also any advice in general would be greatly appreciated!


    Shadowing so far:

    Urgent Care PA - 8 hrs

    Urgent Care PA - 30 hrs

    Internal Medicine PA - 20 hrs


    I realize 50 hours is the minimum for some schools but I also have PCE:

    STNA Nursing/Rehab - 2000+ hrs over 4 years

    STNA Nursing/Mental Health - 500-700 hrs 1 year

    STNA in doctor's office - 700hrs (turns to full-time for gap year so will add 2000 more) (1 year and continuing) 



    Rest of my app: (if interested) 

    3.93 GPA

    3.89 sGPA

    GRE: Scheduled May


    Hospital - 2 years

    Horse Therapy - 2 + years


    Bee research - 2 years

    Depression research - 1 year


    Worked in an office where I advised students one on one and gave presentations to large classes. 


    1 science prof - A in class and worked in research lab

    2 Boss at office on campus - Also A in her class (non-science)

    3 Doctor I work for 


    Build my own furniture, play guitar and piano, and ride horses. 



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