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  1. Hey everyone, I am also a current OU student. Last year the first interview was 10/26 and first acceptances sent around 11/5. Although there was a phone call a few days prior. The invitation for the supplemental app did not go out until 9/1. The dates will likely not be exactly the same and this is a busy time for the school, but their dates for things were definitely later than some of the other Ohio programs. I am really excited for you guys and if you have any questions at all shoot me a message
  2. All of my stats are pretty high including pce, but the school really stresses holistic review.
  3. Just got accepted from the 10/23 interview. Good luck everyone!
  4. I sent both deposits and got an email response. My second deposit was due 10/17 I believe.
  5. Yes the day I got it I believe and my app was in mid June and complete.
  6. I did the 11th and I am attending! Already paid the deposit ?
  7. Not professional but I just did my hair, makeup, and put on a nice shirt. Then took the picture in front of a plain wall. Best of luck!
  8. I know me too!!!! Hopefully soon! This is my first choice so I’m really hoping.
  9. Hey guys! Just got an interview invite for October 5th.
  10. Has anyone been selected for an interview yet? I will be at the September 21st date.
  11. I am interested in this answer as well. I just did my average. So if I was part time then full time I found the total hours and divided it by the amount of weeks. So even though at one point I was 16 hours a week and another 40, I put 24 in the box. I am not sure if this is correct though.
  12. Hi Everybody, It is getting pretty close to application time for me and I had a question on whether I should try to get more PA shadowing hours. Also any advice in general would be greatly appreciated! Shadowing so far: Urgent Care PA - 8 hrs Urgent Care PA - 30 hrs Internal Medicine PA - 20 hrs I realize 50 hours is the minimum for some schools but I also have PCE: STNA Nursing/Rehab - 2000+ hrs over 4 years STNA Nursing/Mental Health - 500-700 hrs 1 year STNA in doctor's office - 700hrs (turns to full-time for gap year so will add 20
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