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  1. Hey everyone, I am also a current OU student. Last year the first interview was 10/26 and first acceptances sent around 11/5. Although there was a phone call a few days prior. The invitation for the supplemental app did not go out until 9/1. The dates will likely not be exactly the same and this is a busy time for the school, but their dates for things were definitely later than some of the other Ohio programs. I am really excited for you guys and if you have any questions at all shoot me a message
  2. All of my stats are pretty high including pce, but the school really stresses holistic review.
  3. Just got accepted from the 10/23 interview. Good luck everyone!
  4. I sent both deposits and got an email response. My second deposit was due 10/17 I believe.
  5. Yes the day I got it I believe and my app was in mid June and complete.
  6. I did the 11th and I am attending! Already paid the deposit ?
  7. Not professional but I just did my hair, makeup, and put on a nice shirt. Then took the picture in front of a plain wall. Best of luck!
  8. I know me too!!!! Hopefully soon! This is my first choice so I’m really hoping.
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