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  1. @cvb0027 I took PACKRAT at the end of didactic and clinical years and had PANCE pass prediction based on the results. I would not completely rely on PACKRAT score tho since I’ve heard mixed reviews of how people have done. You still gotta study no matter how you did on PACKRAT.
  2. I would highly recommend reading through Pance Prep Pearls and knowing the book cover to cover. I also did a few Rosh review questions, but to be honest didn't spent much time on practice questions. I took PANCE 3 weeks after graduation and passed on the 1st try. Honestly if you know PPPs well and practice Rosh questions, you'll be ready. For me exam felt just like another EOR, totally doable if you put some time and work into it. You have plenty time to get ready and you'll be fine!
  3. Hello to everybody, I just took PANCE and passed it on my first try. My biggest advice to everyone would be know PPP book in and out, cover to cover. Yes you can practice Rosh review questions or use other resources but do not rely only on questions, because you will miss minute details that sometimes are tested on PANCE. I studied only for 3 weeks after graduating PA program and passed on my first try! You all worked hard throughout didactic and clinical year and you are ready for this exam. It's really not that bad as long as you know your PPPs. Good luck to everyone prepping for PANCE and taking it soon! You all can do this!
  4. Hey! I'm pretty sure you will have plenty opportunities to utilize Spanish during your rotations! I just had a rotation where we had quite a few only Spanish speaking patients and we had to use translator services to communicate with the patients. Unfortunately, the program does not offer Medical Spanish at the moment but if you are fluent in Spanish and if there is ever a need for translator, I would say let your preceptor know and I'm pretty sure they'll be happy to utilize your Spanish skills.
  5. Hey guys! I'm a second year PA student at Marist in the middle of my rotations. Feel free to ask me any questions about the program, didactic year, rotations or even just for general advice! I'll be happy to answer your questions. Good luck to all of you!
  6. You can expect to hear anytime from now till the end of March. Waiting is the hardest part but if it's meant to be it's gonna happen!
  7. You don't have to wait until before the semester ends. You can move out anytime
  8. Congrats on acceptance! I haven't done summer housing but my classmates have. It's a great way to meet people and see who you might wanna live with. Also Fox Run, Grand Pointe, and Water Club apartments are quite close to the school. Most of our classmates live at Grand Pointe and Waterclub apartments.
  9. BSN was never my main goal, I knew I wanted to go to PA school all the time, it was just my way of getting patient contact experience. I already had my Bio/Pre-med degree before that. So to answer your question, I never really considered NP degree that much. My main interests are ER and surgery and PA school is a better choice for me. Also I like medical school curriculum better since it definitely focuses more on pathophysiology and anatomy.
  10. Hello! To answer your question, our schedule varies by semester. First semester we had classes pretty much from 8-5 every day with the exception of a few shorter days. Second semester we had some breaks in between classes and third semester we have some breaks in between as well. Our classes are still M-F; however, now we start at 9:30 with the exception of exam days and ground rounds (we start earlier on those days). Not sure if didactic schedule will stay the same, it might be different for the class that's starting in May, 2018 (our schedule was/is different from is class that is a year ahead of us). Program itself is fast-paced and there were times when we stayed after school longer to prepare for practical exams. And most of our classmates live close by the campus. Before PA school, I was enrolled in accelerated BSN program as well. It did help me to get more patient contact experience and hours as well as I learned basic physical exam skills. Just like you I knew I wanted to do more than BSN and PA school has always been my main goal. Do you know which field you might wanna work in? Have you tried shadowing PA or NP? Maybe that would help you to decide whether you want to go PA or NP route? Two specialties are very similar. At the end of the day, you have to think what's best for you and your family. I'm pretty sure whatever you decide, it will be a great choice. Medicine is amazing field to be in! :)
  11. Hi Danielle, Congrats on your invitation to the interview! I'm currently first year student in my 3rd semester of didactics. The biggest selling point for me was the feeling I had on my interview day. Everyone was very nice and welcoming and they still are. Everyone is invested in your success as long as you are willing to put in hard work. Also we have the newest anatomy lab and had chance to do our own dissections which was great learning experience.
  12. Annie, Sorry for my late reply. I think one of our classmates set up our fb page. I mean you can always double check with Marist but I think it was our classmate that set it up.
  13. Congrats on your acceptance! Where are you going to be coming from? I chose to live off campus since I was coming from Chicago and didn't want to deal with moving twice. If you decide to live on campus, you'll have the benefit of being really close to school which could mean extra sleep when needed or coming home for lunch. You'll also gonna get chance to meet and get to know your other classmates better.
  14. Madeleine, Are you asking about living situation? I have classmates that live in Grand Pointe, Waterclub, and Fox Run. Half of my classmates live at Grand Pointe and Waterclub, some at Fox Run. I'm not sure if you are gonna be bringing your bed and furniture with you, but Fox Run apartments are furnished. All of the apartment complexes listed above are fairly close by the school. I think Fox Run is just 2 min away from campus, Waterclub maybe 4 min, and Grand Pointe apartments maybe 7 min. You can also live on campus over the summer until I believe August. This way you can save some money on rent and maybe see who you would wanna live with. Hope this helps!
  15. Hey guys, Congrats to those who have been accepted into the program! I'm currently attending the program and I'm in the middle of my didactics. It's a great program and faculty! Feel free to ask questions if you have some!
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