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  1. Current MBKU student here, let me clarify the confusion. They are Accreditation-Provisional because they are still a new program, not because of lack of strength in the program. Usually takes about 5 years for the Accreditation-continuation status to be applied to a school. Regardless of this status, all PA students who graduate are able to sit for the PANCE and are fully certified PA's. Given the strength of the program so far (100% PANCE rates and known for producing strong PA's), I would encourage you to look into the school further and see if its a match for you! I applied and interviewed
  2. I interviewed the first week and have not hear back yet. Wish they would let us know either way! Has anyone who interviewed gotten a rejection letter??
  3. I think they just say 90 minutes so in case they go over, you dont make plans to travel home directly after (like make flight plans or something). My group was a couple minutes late starting because they were finishing up the first group. Probably took about an hour total the second day.
  4. Is anyone staying at a nearby hotel for interviews? Im trying to make reservations and not sure if anyone has recommendations. I know traffic can get bad in the mornings so I am trying to stay close-ish so I can take side streets.
  5. Yeah I'm not sure if they did any cut offs for the GRE. My scores were on the low end (50th percentile, other than writing) and I heard during the first interview send outs. I posted on CASPA my unofficial score and sent them my official. Maybe thats what made the difference.
  6. Just got an acceptance from the 12/2 interview group! They called me on Saturday but I missed the call and got an acceptance email today.
  7. Nope, I have not received an email confirmation yet either. I assume they are busy working out the interview dates for those they offered it to.
  8. For those that got interviews, it says "Please respond to this email by December 9th" but the email is sent from a donotreply email. Anyone know who we contact to confirm the interview?
  9. Although it was a semi group interview process, you are able to say as much or as little as you like. There really was no time limit and I felt I got to say everything I wanted. You just might have to be a little creative so you dont say the exact same thing as the person before you ;) There are no one on on interviews. You get about 45ish minutes in each interview (3 small group interviews, 1large group exercise.) I felt it was a pretty relaxed process and it was almost easier with your peers by your side.
  10. Just received my acceptance call! I am beyond excited and honored to have made it this far. There was not a single person during the interview that was not qualified.
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