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  1. Also let us not forget there are PA programs that are fully integrated within MD & DO schools, and in some cases share the exact same didactic training for 2 years as their doctorate classmates. Interestingly enough, as was the case with my own cohort and many others before it, that our matriculation statistics were nearly identical. Shouldn't also be a surprise that even after having soon-to-be physicians interact directly with us on a daily basis some were still confused on basic tenets of what PA's do and can do. It's about time we get a title that more accurately reflects the medical k
  2. Hi all, Is there anybody that can comment on fair locums rates performing drive-thru covid testing in a major city? I'm waiting on a few fellowship application decisions and was contacted by a recruiter for short (2-3mo) testing contracts to help with paying debt in the meantime. To my knowledge, visits are billed as simple level 2. Volume is described as comparable to other sites. Experience level would be new grad. I've also compiled a pretty thorough list of questions including practice setting, scope of practice, schedule, PPE, covid vaccination eligibility, liability/malpractice
  3. Also received an invite to interview this afternoon. I'm already matriculating into a different program come August, so hopefully this opens up an interview spot for one of you! Good luck everyone!
  4. On a more related note, in the last 12 hours I've seen medical recruiters refer to the profession as "physicians assistant" in job postings and a matriculated PA student refer to herself as the same in a promotional youtube video for a newer program. How can we expect to emanate medical competency within the healthcare realm to patients and other professionals if recruiters, or even our own matriculated students, can't always get it right? I acknowledge the biases of my limited exposure to the PA work environment being a newly admitted student myself, but I would be lying if I said such o
  5. I find this anonymous pharmD's criticism moot, especially during a time where the Pharmacy profession has gained considerable ground in lobbying for expanded clinical roles. For instance, just look at Oregon, California and North Carolina, or initiatives like S.314/H.R.592. Would be 'interesting' to see which side of this lobby spectrum our astute mystery person aligns with. "Stay in your own lane," give me a break!
  6. Science degree coursework at a 4-yr uni, in combination with a Pre-PA or Pre-Med track, is notorious for its competitiveness during Soph/Jr. years. My advice is to not overload your schedule on any given semester, and spread out the harder courses appropriately (i.e. Gen Chem II, Organic Chem, Biochem, Bio II, Human Phys, Upper lvl Bio, etc.). Even if you graduate a semester or two late, you will still be in the game if you do well. I've seen far too many students who worry about graduating on-time and end up having to retake more courses ($$$) to claw themselves out of a GPA hole; when you su
  7. My first thought is that you're getting interview invitations, so adcoms are definitely seeing you as a great candidate. My best recommendation is to try and polish your interview skills. I know this sounds mundane, but there are a ton of resources available that can really up your game. Many universities provide mock interviews at student career centers (Medical MMI & Traditional), and some even send you the video recordings to critique non-verbal communication to boot. Of course, there are also lots of pay-to-play PA interview practice options online, including several books written excl
  8. Ultimately this is one of those topics that is hard to give advice on, as school choice is more subjective and intertwined with personal preferences/goals. Here are a few thoughts to get you going: 1) Academic setting. Is the school affiliated with a teaching hospital? Curriculum integrated with a medical school? How is didactic delivered/taught? How many years of teaching experience does the faculty have, and what proportion practice? What is the class size and student-faculty ratio? 5-year PANCE pass rates? Can you see yourself as a good fit for the programs mission statement/ethos? For
  9. Although I was absolutely smitten with excitement to join you all in Cleveland this May, some unexpected personal issues have suddenly arisen in my life that have caused me to make the tremendously difficult decision to attend a different program closer to Chicago. I have never felt so at home in an interview, and there is no doubt in my mind CWRU and its talented faculty will transform you all into some of the best PAs in the profession. I wish you all luck with the start of your classes, and look forward to possibly interacting with some of you in the medical realm. For those on the alternat
  10. I also tried several name variations, but wasn't able to find it. If one does exist, could anyone point us in the right direction? Very excited to possibly meet all of you too!
  11. Interviewed with Iowa on 1/12 & 1/13. Just got the call tonight from Dr. O'Shea, and I've been accepted!! So excited!
  12. Yesterday I received an interview invitation for Thursday, Feb 1st! Verified 7/14
  13. After much thought and consideration, I've reluctantly given up my seat for the incoming DE class. I have been obsessed with Arcadia's program from the moment I began researching where to apply, but I was just recently offered a seat to my top-choice program closer to home. Arcadia is truly a special institution among a growing list of national programs, and I have no doubt that those attending for the next two years will receive one of the best PA educational experiences out there. Hopefully this can bring some good news and opportunity to one of you before the holidays! Congrats to everyone
  14. Congrats!!! The Facebook group is titled, "Case Western PA Class of 2020" Looking forward to having you as part of the class!
  15. The online portal only recognized Jan 12th as having open slots when I checked before. Although, the email was sitting in my inbox for a few days while I was traveling so I'm not sure if there was an alternative date available earlier. Hopefully this will open up an invite for yourself or another!
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