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  1. PA schools don't only look at the GPA, you can also take some high level science courses to boost your application. You can also go for athletic training as a major or sports med, so that you can train or work with athletes and observe injuries stuff. Do not worry, you will be fine. I am still struggling, this will be my third cycle applying. Also, volunteer if you can, this is a plus point for some of the schools. All the best!
  2. Biochemistry, minor microbiology and physiology.
  3. such an inspiring story, question, non residents are not allowed to work, did you get your experience through volunteering? I am an international student, studying at the US, I also didn't know about the PA program, but I was always interested in medicine, now I really really really want to become a PA, I shadowed a PA and fell in love with this profession. Right now, I also feel like the odds are against me, but thank you for sharing your story.
  4. the first year, coordinator asked me to get some experiencing, or at least get some shadow hours, second attempt, my one of my course didn't meet the requirement,
  5. A completed application must be submitted through the Centralized Applications Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA). The application cycle for the January 2019 start will begin in April 2018, and the deadline for receipt of all materials to be e-submitted* in the CASPA application portal is August 1, 2018. https://www.southuniversity.edu/tampa/areas-of-study/physician-assistant/physician-assistant-master-of-science-ms/applicationprocesspa thanks everyone, that's what confusing me
  6. hey, I am a little confused over here, so south starts classes in January? right how are they interviewing in march? what is that I am not getting here? thanks
  7. I didn't apply to south, but I did send them an email with some questions, haven't heard yet :( did you get in?
  8. hey don't say that, it will be my 3rd cycle applying :(
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