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  1. I just received my interview invitation and chose Nov 4!
  2. I received an interview invite today as well and choose June 2nd! Good luck everyone!
  3. May I ask the GPA requirement that they told you?
  4. My app is pending too on the website. Still hoping for some good news! Good luck everyone and congrats to those who are already accepted!
  5. I interviewed with Darlla Duniphin and waiting for response. Anyone from her group already got an acceptance call??
  6. Submitted my supplemental application! For those who are interviewing, may I ask how long did it take them to verify your supplemental app and to send you an interview invite?? Thank you!
  7. Thanks for the information CKPA! It helped relieve some of my stress! Hopefully I hear back from them soon!
  8. For those who already interviewed, how are the interview questions? Anything out of the ordinary? I would also appreciate any suggestions on how to prepare for the interview. Thank you!
  9. I applied mid august to Barry Miami and still have not gotten anything. Still hoping for some good news. Congrats to those who are already accepted!
  10. Still hoping for an interview invite! Congrats to those who got an invite already :)
  11. Hello! Does anyone know if they accept GRE scores? I think their website for the PA program is currently down
  12. Just got my rejection email. :( But good luck to everyone still waiting to hear!
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