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  1. HELLO ALL! I am a re-applicant this year and plan to submit my application in May. I figure I get this thread started for all who wish to share their PA Application journey to UT Health. Wishing everyone the best of luck this cycle!
  2. Hello! Looking to shadow some PAs in the San Antonio area as well. Mind sharing those contacts??? My email is kvn0203@gmail.com
  3. Hello! Hoping to get any helpful information on obtaining shadowing hours? I have reached out to small clinics and hospitals, no luck. Where else can I seek?
  4. Same here. I received the wait-list email as well. (Fingers Crossed!!)
  5. Big congratulations to all who have been accepted to this remarkable program!
  6. Interviewed on 12/11. Still patiently waiting.... Don’t lose hope! Good luck all!
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