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  1. I know it is just after the holiday but I still haven't heard anything either. I keep telling myself it must be a good thing. I really want this!
  2. I think this is only the second week in December. Another school told me they would contact me the second week of December and I heard from them yesterday. I'm on the waitlist. I really want to go here!
  3. This is going to be an awful question but I am going to ask it anyway. I received numerous interviews from other schools I have applied and I am yet to hear back from Penn State. I am a very competitive applicant. I applied because my mother works for Penn State. I have heard that this school may require some "clout" to get in. Is this true?
  4. I have an interview on Dec. 19th. I am very excited! I have heard wonderful things about this program! Can anyone tell me what the group activities are like? And how long does it take to hear back from them after the interview. I find the interview to be easy. It's the waiting for the email or phone call that makes me anxious.
  5. Has anyone heard back from the Nov. interview? I am anxiously waiting hoping I don't have to go to anymore interviews. I really want to attend this school! Their program and the town just suits me. I'm so nervous.
  6. I just got an interview for November 11th. They say there are still interviews available and that I would be part of a group interview and a single interview. The whole process will take about 4 hours. Anyone else have anymore info?
  7. When do you usually hear back from Penn State after submitting the supplemental application. I applied to 9 schools and have heard back from all of them except Penn State!
  8. I was offered an interview for November 11. Are there still seats available? I know some students have already been offered admittance. I submitted my application late because I was finished my second bachelor's degree. I'm just a little concerned.
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