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  1. I've been accepted to a great PA program which I will start in May. I know there is probably no way to totally prepare for school, and they will teach you everything you need to know, but I have great tuition benefits for undergraduate and graduate level classes at my current job and I can take classes for next to nothing. Any current students, if you could retake or wish you had a better background in any one subject before you started, what would it be?
  2. I also plan on attending this May! Does anyone know if there is a Facebook group for the incoming class, or if someone at the school usually creates one? I think that would be helpful to meet and share ideas about housing and such.
  3. Also staying at Fairfield inn! I was here last year so I have a good idea, once we get on the island it gets a little confusing I remember. I’ll message you!
  4. For anyone interviewing on Nov. 28, I’ll be renting a car and staying at a hotel in American Canyon just about 20 mins north of the school. I’d be happy to pick up anyone who’s on the way (American Canyon, Vallejo or anywhere in between) that wants a ride that morning!
  5. Also received an interview invitation today!!! Will be driving in from Pittsburgh!
  6. I rented a car last year because I wanted to have the freedom to travel and leave on my own schedule, but I met up with a girl who stayed at the courtyard marriot by the school and she said they have a shuttle to and from SFO which she used. I'm not sure of cost/time tables etc but it sounds like an option if you don't want to drive in an unfamiliar city!
  7. I actually submitted my CASPA in the beginning of July and hadn't heard anything since,, except for a question about my Psych prerequisite around the end of August. About a week ago I emailed them to ask if there were any problems with my other courses or if I needed to do anything else, and literally 5 minutes later got an email for the supplemental. So if you haven't heard and it's been a while definitely try to contact them!
  8. I just received my invitation to interview on November 28! SO excited for this opportunity!
  9. Congrats! Do you mind sharing when you submitted your supplemental?
  10. I don't think it's too late! Last year I wasn't able to apply until the end of August because I was takng A&P in the summer, but I still got an interview.
  11. Just submitted my supplemental application for this cycle! Applied 6/28 Verified 7/3 Supplemental received 7/12 Supplemental submitted 7/26 Good luck to everyone!
  12. I've heard that the NOVA schools are pretty stringent about GPA's, some people have said that the school won't really consider you application unless you have over a 3.4 (even though it says on their website they do a holistic review). Anyone know if that has any truth to it? MY GPA isn't quite there but I have a 314 GRE and 2600 hours of patient care experience, plus over 1000 hours of research in addition to shadowing and volunteering. Just wondering if it would be worth it to spend the money applying if they are going to look only at a lackluster GPA and toss it.
  13. I don't think so, but there was no way I'd be able to attend this year if I did get pulled (I live in PA and that move on a month's notice is crazy) and so I just figured it would be wise for me to do so. They said at the interview "don't step on someone else's dream" meaning if you know you can't go tell them so someone else can have a chance.
  14. This school is my top choice as well and I interviewed here last year (was put on the medium waitlist and just took myself off so I could re apply this year). I can't say from personal experience but students seemed happy here! We were taken on a tour and guided through the interview day by second year students. Education seemed to be top notch and it appeared that everyone was friendly with each other and they talked about having study groups. Can't say that that's everyone's experience but I felt like the student community was a very amiable place and after interviewing I was reassured that this was my top choice school!
  15. Just took myself off the medium waitlist for this class (no way I'd be able to quit my job and move my life from PA to CA in under a month's notice!). Hopefully that gives someone else a better chance. I loved this program though so I've already re-applied for next year!
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