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  1. Preference isn't given to CA residents, but a majority of the class is comprised of CA residents. Most likely because there are a lot of CA applicants compared to other states.
  2. Hi Daydreamy, Haha thanks, it was the only username I could come up with. Yours reminds me of Greys Anatomy - McDreamy. Now for the advice - be VERY patient and DONT contact the school unless you absolutely need to. Ask here first if it can wait. ? Faculty won’t start reading the applications until after the deadline for SMU has passed. Be assured they are putting in the time to read each one of your applications to determine if you are a possible fit for SMU. There may be 2000-3000 applications (PA school is getting more and more applicants and btw SMU is in the Bay Area with good weather, food, and plenty to do) with about ~144 interview spots. They usually don’t send out invitations to interview until maybe December. If you do get an interview, make sure you come out to the informal meeting with the current students the night before to shake off your nerves, get a feel of the school, and to get any questions answered. The interview is an all day long (8am-5pm) and it’s meant for them to get to know you and for you to see if SMU is a good fit. I can’t exactly say what the days consists of, though. Hope this helps!!!
  3. Hi SGPDX84, Current student here. Here is the website for the "core values": https://www.samuelmerritt.edu/admission/mpa/prereq (for everyone else who has trouble finding it). If you touched on some of the values, you shouldn't worry too much about it. Other areas in the CASPA application should demonstrate the core values anyway. I don't think it will be necessary to contact admissions about it.
  4. Received an acceptance call around noon today. BEYOND excited!! I interviewed on 1/28. I hope everyone else hears back soon on or before March 1st!
  5. Hi all, Quick question/need of advice. I tried calling admissions, but no luck. I'm trying to categorize my pre-requisite courses. During undergrad, I took biochemistry, so I listed that under biochemistry, of course. However, I completed my physiology lecture and lab separately. A survey of human physiology course (3 semester units) and a lab called mammalian physiology lab (2 semester units). I took human anatomy (lecture and lab were combined) at a community college. I don't know whether I should list the survey of human physiology course and mammalian physiology lab under the "mammalian physiology" pre-req although the lecture portion was human based. OR should I list those two courses and human anatomy as A&P I and II, although they weren't technically named A&P. Thoughts? Thanks in advanced!
  6. Got an interview invite yesterday, 12/22 via phone call! Interviewing on 1/28.
  7. Committee Hold, interviewed on 11/19. Congratulations @Hopeful2bPA! Let the wait begin. :)
  8. Received an interview invite for mid-November about two weeks ago. Verified early Sept. Looking forward to going to Oregon and meeting everyone!
  9. Received an interview invite yesterday! Verified late September. Waiting for the confirmation.
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