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  1. I'm currently a relatively new graduate working EM in a rural setting about 1.5 hours outside of Philadelphia. I know that I'm being slightly underpaid by 2019 AAPA Salary report data but am happy to gain experience in a setting that will allow me to train and practice at the top of my licensure. After I reach a year or 2 of experience however, I think I would like to come back down to the Philly area. Was just wondering if anyone wouldn't mind sharing the kind of salary, hourly, or per diem rates they're currently getting in Philly and I would be able to expect. Thank you in advance.
  2. Former Salus PA student here. The FB class link probably won't be emailed to you until the second deposit is due and the class is finalized in roughly April or May. Lynnewood isn't glamorous but is nice enough and most affordable. 100 York and Wyncote House are walking distance and fine. Towers is pretty nice, but very expensive and is a pain in the afternoon because even though its close, the traffic is a big pain. For anyone reading this that still has yet to interview, DON'T STRESS. If you got an interview, you're already good enough to get in, they just want to make sure you're a norm
  3. Sounds like a really good offer especially considered the PTO. How much experience do you have and what region of the country is this?
  4. Yes, but to be clear, if you reapply that is for the following cycle. I seriously doubt they consider beginning the application process over will have an impact of this cycle.
  5. I am not on the standby list but was last year. I feel your pain and know how it feels to wait for what seems like forever. I'm not sure how many students are in the class now but I do know that the second deposit for accepted students is due April 1st. That means that most likely seats will open up after that date(as I was told they would last year) once people who submit one deposit decide to attend another school and don't submit the second. After April 1st I would expect there to be some movement off the standby list. If you don't happen to get off this round, don't worry. I am under the i
  6. Was wondering if I could get some input from current PAs or PA students on what they wish they would have studied or prepared ahead of time before jumping into the intense coursework your first semester in school. I have accepted a seat in a program, but am in a gap year between undergrad and PA school and basically I'm concerned the tough sciences may be a big challenge for me as upper level sciences were for me in undergrad. I have a strong background in anatomy and will continue to review that, but didn't know if anyone could suggest some youtube channel, or online quizzes that could refres
  7. I was put on standby last year and my general understanding was that standby was ahead of waitlist. Basically meaning that you must move from waitlist to standby list before you are offered a seat. I was on standby from January until the early summer when they said that they don't expect any more seats to open up and to reapply. Thankfully I interviewed again and got my acceptance letter on Friday
  8. I believe I was done around 1 but plenty of people were done sooner.
  9. My application was verified in early August like 8/4 I believe. I don't believe I got any confirmation from LIU until the offer for the interview.
  10. I've been looking for information on the Bayshore campus applications. Wondering if anyone has heard from them yet, been offered an interview or accepted. All I've gotten is that they are still reviewing applications.
  11. The email I received basically just said "we're full, no more applications". They didn't even try to pretend like they had a very competitive applicant pool or encourage to apply next year.
  12. Would any accepted students mind sharing your stats?
  13. I was told earlier this week that the waitlist would find out their rank by the end of the week yet still no email. Beginning to get frustrated because we were originally told we'd find out after the last interview date in September, then October and now we wait even more.
  14. Was just offered an interview for 11/14. Any idea how many interview dates they've already had?
  15. For people on the waitlist, we were told that we would be told our rank on the waitlist after the October 24th interview dates. Does anyone know when exactly we should expect that email or has anyone asked for an update since the final interviews on the 24th?
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