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  1. Hi @CaliOne, I'm in the same boat as you. Did you have any luck finding behavioral medicine or OBGYN in Phoenix?
  2. @HuntCo Hi there! Did you have any luck finding preceptors in Phoenix?? I start clinicals this November and am hoping to do most of them in AZ
  3. Current student here! I would definitely not be discouraged. There is always plenty of movement on the wait list! As people get in other places they will pull people. I got pulled off the wait list in March last year and I know quite a few people in my class came from the wait list.
  4. ^ Going off of this I would make sure if months go by and you haven't heard from them to call and then call again. I was part of their "application error" last year where they basically sent incorrect emails out to about 10 of us saying we hadn't submitted secondary applications so we would not be considered for the program when we all in fact had. They then realized their error and basically kept telling us all we were still under review even though there were only a couple days of interviews left. None of us ending up hearing from them even though a couple of us had been waitlisted the year before. Definitely left a poor taste in my mouth but I hope they have straightened things out this year for everyone and smoothed out all of the kinks. I ended up heading out of state for my program and it was honestly a blessing in disguise! Good luck to everyone this year. You will all do great whether its at NAU or another program!
  5. Thank you :) I interviewed back in November. The 7th I believe.
  6. Gave up my seat a few days ago! Had a very tough choice to make because Touro is such an amazing program but I will staying a little bit closer to home. Hope this means someone hears some great news soon!
  7. Pulled off the waitlist today :) Can't wait to meet everyone! Is anyone going to Acceptance Day next week?
  8. Just received an email offering me a spot on the alternate list! Does anyone have any experience with CDUs waitlist?
  9. @singingiswild I interviewed on a Tuesday and was accepted Friday afternoon :)
  10. Just received my acceptance about an hour ago from Grace! I interviewed on Tuesday and I’m beyond excited to be joining the program next year. The interview experience was wonderful and all of the students were so welcoming and informative.
  11. @RD_to_PA I have only called once for that error so maybe I'll call if we don't hear anything this week!
  12. For anyone that received the application error and has not received an invite yet are you thinking about calling?
  13. Gave up my interview spot earlier this week because I accepted a position at another program! Hope this helps someone. Good luck to everyone interviewing tomorrow!
  14. Hi all! Interviewed in early October and was waitlisted today! Hoping they pull lots of people from the list this year!
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