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  1. Here's the website for University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), the big health system in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Here's the website for Allegheny Health Network (AHN), the smaller competing health system of Western Pennsylvania. Both are great systems, have large level 1 trauma centers, OB centers, and outlying smaller hospitals. You might have better luck with AHN, since Pitt has both a med school and a PA school that probably get first pick of rotations.
  2. Hey @paadmissions, First off, you're the actual bomb. Thanks so much for doing this...you're single handedly responsible for lowering thousands of blood pressures. Also, I know this is a busy season for you, so please don't feel rushed to answer! My questions mostly revolve around retaking pre-requisites to strengthen my science GPA...I have a very strong GRE with 6,000+ HCE hours (paramedic), so I'm confident about those categories. I'm finishing up some pre requisites (taking post-bacc classes) and retaking a few prerequisites (Gen Bio/Chem) that I didn't do awesome in (B-, C+, etc.). -Does it matter where the classes are re-taken? I graduated from University A (well known 4-year college) and am planning on taking them at University B (well known 4 year college) due to convenience to where I'm now located. I know they shouldn't be taken at a CC, but should I try to retake them at my undergrad institution? -Does it matter if they're re-taken out of order? Obviously, I've already taken Bio 1/2 and Chem 1/2, but if I wanted to totally re-do one of those series, can I do Chem 2 and then Chem 1 the following semester? It's a matter of when University B offers the classes... -Assuming I'm taking classes at University B, would I need to retake a pre-req that I got a B- in or could I just take another upper level class and get an A? Obviously they would both improve my science GPA, but I know some schools calculate pre-requisite GPA separately. -Do you take into account a "Non credit" grade (sort of like withdrawing) from upper level non-required science courses? Should I retake it? -Does your program take into consideration (either with positive or negative bias) candidates that have applied to your program prior? By the time I finish the pre-reqs and have a strong enough GPA to feel competitive, I'll be toward the end of the application cycle for most schools, and wouldn't be surprised if that plays a role into me not getting accepted (most of them have rolling admissions). Should I just hold off on applying until the next cycle opens up? Does that matter? Thank you!!
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