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  1. Job shadow one and find out. This is why PA programs want applicants to complete a job shadow. I'm not a PA but from my job shadows and years of working in a hospital the hospitalist PAs (in WA) don't have a doctor following them around or co-signing all of their rx;s
  2. If a CNA isn't doing direct patient care I don't know who is. I've been a CNA for 6 years and on top of the "usual" CNA work which is all as direct as it gets, over the years I've been trained to: perform EKGs, obtain blood glucose samples, remove peripheral IVs and foley catheters, perform pregnancy tests, watch for and report changes of consciousness for a variety of Dx... I say put it as PCE and if anyone wants to dispute it you can explain what you do and why you consider it direct patient care.
  3. I guess Washington state has higher averages. "The age of MEDEX students ranges from 22 to 57 with the mean age of 31. This range in age is related to the total number of clinical experience hours required to meet MEDEX prerequisites. Students accepted to MEDEX tend to have a significant number of years in paid clinical positions, averaging 5.4 years in 2016." http://www.heritage.edu/Academic-Programs/Graduate-Degrees/Physician-Assistant-Educational-Program/Student-Statistics avg age for 2016=33, 2017=31, 2018=29 This was written in 2016 but with no sources cited: they say avera
  4. I haven't been accepted yet but I would say Hans has the right idea. They make much of this ambiguous on purpose too I think. When they say CV OR Resume it sounds to me like "something that we can look at to figure out your history/accomplishments.
  5. gckohlhase The average age of students is 35ish in most of the programs that I've seen the demographics for. If you just don't want to apply anymore thats one thing but admissions committees definitely don't view 28 as old. PA programs were created for healthcare workers who have been working for a bit already, and the lowest age I have seen in a program is 24.
  6. Most programs ask for at least 1 PA and 1 physician, and 1 more PA or physician. Some school specifically say they don't want references from professors, and some say it's fine. check each school.
  7. It might be worth gettingI work as a CNA at a hospital now and it has definitely given me a lot of exposure to PAs/physicians and I've had some good candid conversations with them. It's given me the chance to build rapport and get some good letters of recommendation from 2 physicians, 2 PAs, and a manager who highlighted how much patients love me. Knowing that part of my app is airtight gives me some good peace of mind.
  8. When you put it like that I don't think anything else IS enough. It's hard to fight that impatience sometimes but I decided to sign up for Ochem this Spring and I'll move on to more science courses or retaking courses with the lowest grade. I just listened to a Will Smith interview in which he said "There's no reason to have a plan B, it just distracts from plan A." Within reason I think he has a point. Thanks everyone.
  9. I have only been to one interview so far but it was at Heritage University in WA and their program is set up for didactic year on campus with 2nd year allowing the students to choose their own clinicals anywhere they want. It was specifically mentioned that many students choose to find clinical rotations in their home areas. It seemed a little suspect to me. Their program has only graduated 2 cohorts so far. Without having researched this I'm wondering how they get away with this. Maybe it was just strong "encouragement" for the students to do the leg work, and they would step in if the studen
  10. I think you are right, if I can articulate this clearly that should be alright. Without having seen my LORs I believe them to be all positive. For the essay, as with nearly everyone's I'm sure, it could have been better. But I felt pretty confident about the essay. The big looming elephant in the room that I tried to explain away in the "Are there any discrepancies in your academic or work history you'd like to explain?" was that my GPA on completion of my AA was a 2.4. Every class after that was at least a 3.0 so for the schools who asked the above question I said I believe the change in
  11. In case you want the abbreviated post without my thought process, skip to the bold question at the bottom. Thanks in advance for being willing to read this and help me figure it out. You're a smart bunch of people, you make me want to be better. Thinking about nursing school as a cheap way to increase knowledge of pathophysiology, pharmacology, and other ologies. It's only $6-8k for the 2 year programs, or $54k for a BSN in one year since I have a bachelors already. I have all the prereqs for both. I would pursue an EMT career, but it is hard to justify spending $1000-1200 to take a cours
  12. Thanks for weighing in everyone. I know the name change topic has been beaten to death, but this was informative.
  13. Advanced Practitioner works too. I wouldn't mind the idea of specializing like NPs do.
  14. Hey could you list your stats? just curious because I'd really like to apply for this program on the next application cycle. Just need to take Organic chem. I applied for 9 schools this year and so far received 6 rejection letters, so I need to work on making my app more desirable. 10,000 hours as a CNA, most in a hospital with a year in ICU 3.65gpa with similar science GPA 26 years old, plenty of good LORs as far as I know. GRE was 165/145, with 3/6 writing. I am going to contest the 3/6 portion after this application cycle.
  15. I haven't seen anyone mention this in what I've read so far. How about calling PA's Medical Practitioners. Pros: MP sounds like MD. Practitioner is much more accurate than assistant and more "doctor" sounding than Associate. Cons: MP sounds like MD, they won't like that. Same initials as Military Police. I know there are already plenty of discussions about possible name changes, but I thought I'd plant this seed where people could easily see it.
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