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  1. rno

    South College-Nashville Class 2021

    Hi Everyone!! I'm Rachel, the girl from Los Angeles that wasn't used to the cold weather here but really enjoyed it. SO thrilled to be joining this amazing class! I was accepted at the Jan 11th interview.
  2. rno


    Accepted today!! So excited to see you all in September
  3. rno


    Hi everyone! I hope this isn't too intrusive, but did anyone who interviewed in November not get accepted? Do we know how many people are in each interview group/how many are accepted out of that group? Congrats to everyone already in!
  4. rno

    South College 2018-2019 Cycle

    I also received an interview for Nashville in January! Very excited!
  5. rno

    2018-2019 cycle!

    Does that mean they’re still processing acceptances or they’re still processing waitlist/rejections... Also thanks for calling lmao.
  6. rno

    2018-2019 cycle!

    Yeah, I’m slowly dying too haha
  7. I'm also flying in from Southern California on Wednesday night. Would love to meet up with anyone on Thursday night! Also, where are you guys staying?
  8. Waitlisted but hopeful to get an interview later! This is my second-time applying at MGH.
  9. rno

    2018-2019 cycle!

    Does anyone have any details about how the interview process goes?! Tips or advice?
  10. I got a phone call on Monday to schedule! I'm doing Meridian campus on Oct 15. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  11. rno

    2018-2019 cycle!

    I submitted my CASPA and supplemental on July 6th and mailed the supplemental payment on the 7th!
  12. rno

    2018-2019 cycle!

    Received an interview today for October!!
  13. Is anyone else still waiting to receive the supplemental email?
  14. Hi everyone! I received an email yesterday saying I’d been selected for an interview and would get a call when they start scheduling specific dates. Does anyone know what the big differences are between the campuses? I’ve tried lurking the forum but haven’t found a good list detailing anything. This is my second time applying to schools so I’m pretty excited!

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