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  1. They offer in class as well as online classes(the online you go in to do the skill assessment as well as clinical portion, the 100 hours of didactic is online). I am trying to decide what one I should take. I was just wondering if anyone took it online and if they felt like the resources they provided was enough to succeed in an online envmt. I just don't know how challenging the course work is/ how easy it is to learn w/o an instructor
  2. Hello, I was wondering if there were any PA's in Louisiana that would be willing to let me shadow them. I've already shadowed a few physicians and I just want to find a few PA's to shadow to make an informed decision as the which route to pursue. Thank you!
  3. I was going to apply to LSU NO and Shereveport(along with a couple others just to increase my chances), both of wich only require aprox 80 hours. I dont think they exclude scribing.
  4. I see there are a lot of online EMT cert courses. Would these be ok to take to get the lincese? Or does it need to me from a college ( the only college that offers it around me is a 2yr degree)
  5. would something along the lines of patient transport in a hospitle or rehabilitation suffice?
  6. I am 6 classes away from being able to apply to PA school and officially changed from Premed to prePA All of my work exp is in business, so I have 0 HCE. I was wondering if there were and HCE's that would be accepted that doesn't require certifications or degrees ect. I'm trying to knock out the 6 classes that way I could apply next cycle.
  7. Ok, so I am having a hard time finding practicing PAs in Louisiana to weigh in on how it is being a PA in Louisiana, mainly because I have heard that the South isn't the most PA friendly region and the fact that Louisiana is one of the lowest paying states for PAs. So after doing some research (http://kff.org/other/state-indicator/physician-assistant-scope-of-practice-laws/?currentTimeframe=0), I found that basically everything regarding Louisiana scope of practice is dictated by the facility you work. My question is: Is it generally better for the scope of a PA to be regulated at the state level or facility level? sorry if it is a dumb question
  8. First of all let me start that I am pre-pa, but I figured this would be the best section to post this question. I have read that Louisiana is not a very PA friendly state and upon research i found that in about 2010 they were trying to restrict the scope of PAs to have more direct supervision from their SP. However, I stumbled across this rather neat chart outlining state laws on PAs in all 50 states.https://www.bartonassociates.com/interactive-tools/pa-scope-of-practice-laws/ Louisiana scope of practice to be largely dictated by your SP. So that being true, what makes Louisiana so un-PA friendly. I know I am just a lowly pre-pa guy, but I just wanted to get some first hand feedback from PAs that are practicing or have practiced in Louisiana. My primary areas of interest are in EM, surgery, and trauma surgery. Thank you for your time.
  9. oh great...bad news for me. i did find this link but im not sure how helpful/accurate it is https://www.bartonassociates.com/interactive-tools/pa-scope-of-practice-laws/
  10. Do any of you know how it is practicing in Louisiana? I am from the New Orleans so there are plenty of rural areas near a 1 to 2 hour drive from my house. Just wanted to know if any of you knew, since around 6 or 7 years ago i know Louisiana tried to restrict the scope of PAs and eveny thing i find about it now basically says its up to the SP on your scope and ability to prescribe
  11. Being someone interested in doing surgery, wouldn't you have a fair amount respect, providing you find a gig working for 1 surgeon or a small group of surgeons? Or are jobs working 1 or a few physicians hard to come across
  12. Thank you for your response. I think my biggest worry about being a PA is reading so many horror stories on the internet how some doctors and staff talk down to you and treat you like crap. Though, I suppose you can always find a different work environment.
  13. I know this has been a question discussed often; however, after lurking on this forums for a while, it seems so many PA's are dissatisfied(which may be skewed since no one flocks to the internet to talk about how great their day is going i suppose.) and or recommend medical school for young people(i am 25). After some deep soul searching, I feel like I would ONLY prefer to become a MD/DO in regards to the money and prestige/respect granted from the title. I just don't know if those are valid enough reasons to pursue physician over PA. About my personality: I don't really care that I can't make every decision about a patient; I care more about my opinions actually being taken into account to arrive at a decision. I feel like the level medical knowledge i'd have as a PA would satisfy my level of scientific curiosity. I don't necessarily need to know detailed biochemical mechanisms to gain fulfillment. I don't really have an issue with handing over complicated cases over my scope to a more knowledgable person. After all, doctors do it all the time. (If you go in the ER w/ a major brain bleed the ER attending is just going to pass you to neurology) Just wanted some feedback I suppose. I just don't want to be someone who feels like the made the wrong decision when I hit my 40's
  14. out of curiosity, how did you find your job? Did you use something like indeed or another job site?
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