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  1. Congrats! Have you been added to the Facebook page yet? My name is Katie and I look forward to meeting you as well!
  2. I finally gave up my seat today after being accepted into the University of Saint Francis. I was accepted into Trine back in August after having interviewed the previous year, so that should open up a seat for someone else! Good luck everyone! Maybe some of us will cross paths in the future while being in Fort Wayne! -Katie
  3. I truly think it varies from year to year! I know someone who interviewed for this program in November of a previous year and seats were still available. That’s good that they reached out to you though! Our Facebook group definitely isn’t full yet if that means anything. Also, it’s still somewhat early in the cycle. People are still getting pulled off of waitlists for other programs, interviewing, etc. One of my friends was pulled off a waitlist for a different program in January of a precious year, so I wouldn’t get discouraged at this point! Good luck to you all!
  4. It will actually come in the mail! I think it took a little over a week. I remember wondering why it was taking so long, but just be patient. The letter will give instructions on how to pay your deposit. It is supposed to include your student ID number, but mine didn’t so I had to reach out to Kyle to get mine so I could submit my deposit! If you send me s private message I would be happy to add you on Facebook! You should be added to the group shortly by the admin!
  5. Congrats! I will be joining you! The class president from the current didactic year recently started a Facebook page, so she should be reaching out to you in the near future! ? also, my name is Katie as well haha
  6. The interviews are two on one! I would say there were about 15-20 of us at my session in September? Just be yourself!
  7. Also on the alternate list! I know they pull from it pretty often every year so don’t give up hope just yet!
  8. Nothing on my end! I know their clinical year students have their end of rotation exams today so I’m wondering if we will hear back today at all
  9. There were about 24 people at my interview session. Since there are 4 sessions total I’d guess about 100ish? Not sure if they had the same amount per session but I’d imagine it’s somewhere around there! Try not to rack your brain too much about the odds! ?
  10. I hope everyone had a great interview experience! Now the waiting game begins! ?
  11. Hi everyone! I was "doubly recommended" and scheduled to interview in December but cancelled my interview due to acceptance into a different program. I hope this opens up a spot for someone else. Good luck everybody!
  12. Hi Melissa! My name is Katie and I am interviewing for the Monday afternoon session as well. I am also from Northwest Indiana but would prefer not to list specifics just because this forum is so public. I look forward to hopefully meeting you!
  13. I received an interview invite this morning for October 15th afternoon session! Definitely thought I was out of the running after reading this forum haha
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