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  1. Hello ya'll! I recently decided to become a PA. As I am getting informed about all that is required to be a PA; any extra help is appreciated. Knowledge is power! I know that CASPA is the main application manager but I am little confused on how the application cycle works for PA schools. Little background about me: Currently abroad doing an internship(research) at a Hospital. Coming back to the states August 2017 to resume my last year of undergrad. Graduating May 2018. Currently (3.2GPA - 3.0sGPA) GRE (Pending) Shadowing hours(Pending) What I know: I need to have a decen
  2. I would certainly imagine that being a PA requires the same or close stress level as a physician but what I really meant was that it would be less stressful to me than becoming an MD or dentist. Sorry for the misunderstanding! Is there a sheet on this forum that would review the class data and requirements for each school? I have done some search already; for example USC is out the way because there's no way I could complete extraneous hours of shadowing when I come back. That is one of the main things I am worried about. Thanks for your honesty and response!
  3. Hello forum! Unfortunately, I recently decided that dental school was something I am not willing to do. It is a great career but the main reason I was doing it was because that would make my dad happy. Anyways we had a talk and he was content with my decision. Anyways a little background about me; I am senior undergraduate studying abroad until August 2017. I am intern at a hospital in Madrid working in a schizophrenia research project and part time surgical labatory with rodents. I decided I want to become a physician assistant for many reasons but mainly because it does not requi
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