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  1. Thank you everyone for your responses! I found them helpful (and encouraging). I have decided to take the plunge and accept the position (though of course I got an interview for a GI position closer to home the day I accepted! Oh, the timing of life....)
  2. I was just offered a position working for a hepatology practice (connected to a GI practice and transplant practice). I would be seeing a mix of all hepatology patients (not on the transplant service) in outpatient clinic only. Anyone with similar experience? I’ve only worked as a hospitalist (my first job out of school) so I’m not sure exactly what this will be like. They said a lot of patients with alcoholic liver disease. They are hiring a separate PA for psych issues as there are a lot of psych comorbidities. There are social workers in office (more for transplant team).
  3. I am currently working (for the last 1.5 years) as a hospitalist where I work 16 10 hour shifts (usually get out late though), mostly 7am-5pm with about 2-4 2pm-12am shifts (pager and admissions) per every 4 weeks. I work 50% of weekends and work many holidays. I do have a lot of flexibility when making my schedule though and can get any days off I want if requested a couple months in advance which means I can get a whole week or more Off pretty regularly. I have a partner with a variable schedule and no kids at this time. I am looking to transition to a medicine speciality because I
  4. I know what you mean. All the schools I've interviewed at are 99% white. Some schools do look to diversify. CUNY School of Medicine is one I know of.
  5. Based on acceptance statistics alone I would just go now. But I applied in my later 20's and felt ready...waiting another year making very low income (gaining PCE) would have been rough. You're still pretty fresh out of undergrad though so another year to live with relatively low-stress and get some work experience couldn't hurt, especially if in the end you'll be happier and more comfortable in school if you get accepted 2nd time around.
  6. My PCE consisted of about 375 hrs scribing in urgent care and ~1000 hrs as a PT aide when I applied. I left the scribing job because I relocated and because I saw so many schools did not count it but all the schools I looked at DID count PT aide. From my experience I developed great relationships with patients and sometimes felt I played a larger role as a PT aide but in the end feel like scribing is superior experience in preparing you for your future career. I spent my days assisting PAs after all! Also my scribe job included taking vitals, getting a history and chief complaint etc and pe
  7. In the scheme of tuition and everything...losing a deposit is nothing. As others stated, don't let that play any part in your decision.
  8. Thanks. Any thoughts on rotation settings? Specifically: the cheaper program houses most of their rotations in the large on-site university hospital (urban) with a few rotations at affiliates. The other program has rotations that are a further distance away, at a larger variety of facilities with what appears to be smaller hospitals in addition to private offices etc. The first option sounds more convenient and more renowned, but also like more competition with other students/med students/residents etc. for experiences...
  9. Thanks for your input...with interest that $10k can seem like a lot right now but I know in the grand scheme of things it's not a ton.
  10. I am deciding between 2 schools, one is $10,000 more than the other (total tuition for program), same length, same city (though housing slightly cheaper near the more expensive school), but I am leaning toward this program because the other program is fairly new (I'd be 4th class, still provisional status) and I heard from current student some poor reviews of didactic year at newer program (although they said only positive things about clinicals). Question is...I'll get to same end point...is it foolish to spend extra $10k plus interest for a school that feels like a safer bet (in terms
  11. Wanted to reach out and see if I caught any students (or friends of students) at PCOM and see what they knew about the clinical rotations. I was accepted but have had trouble finding much information about the quality of clinical rotations/preceptors/facilities aside from that they can vary widely in location. Thank you in advance for anything you can offer!
  12. Hey all, does anyone know any details about PCOM's rotation sites? Specific examples of some the sites some previous students have been sent to for example? I know they can be anywhere...but was hoping for a little more detail. Thanks in advance!
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