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  1. I'm relatively new to this forum and like some honest feedback. I will receive my Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences with a Pre-PA focus to get the necessary courses for some programs in the Spring. I will graduate with about a 3.1-3.2 GPA and a Science GPA of about the same. I understand I need HCE paid and unpaid and plan to accomplish that by gaining certification as an EMT. I think 2+ years as a EMT-Basic would fulfill that need with the addition of shadowing a PA as well as a MD. Also, I will need a good GRE score depending on the program. What are my chances with my low GPA and expe
  2. There are a couple routes I could take to best prepare myself to become a PA and I'd like to know your opinions. A little bit about myself: 1. Currently a senior and will be receiving a Bachelors in Biology/Pre PA Focus in Spring 2017. 2. Will be shadowing a Physician soon for the remainder of Fall and also for Spring 2017 semester. 3. I believe I have at least 3 strong letter of Recommendation when I apply. 4. Currently 3.1 GPA, 3.08 Science GPA (Still have 2 semesters left to affect GPA). 5. Took leadership positions in my Greek Fraternity as well as Community Service. 6. Person
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