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  1. That's a tough situation. I have a few follow up questions/statements for you - what do you actually want to do? if you love primary care, then wait for a different primary care job that would be a better fit (it sounds like you're already nervous it wouldn't be a good fit for a few different reasons - listen to your gut). if you're actually interested in sleep med/ent, then do that. you would probably be happier there - can you hold out for any other jobs? - the primary care job doesn't seem like a good place for a new grad. if there's you and another new grad, the doc will pr
  2. 15-20 min for sick visit and 30-45 min for new patients. just my two cents
  3. i finished all rosh review questions and also took the newer pance version (i took in 11/2019). i don't remember my predicted score, but it did tell me I had about a 88-90% chance of passing on first try, and I did pass so there's a data point for you. i had a comfortable margin and felt like rosh review was the best thing i did to prepare
  4. hi everyone! im a new grad in primary care and have a question about titrating NP thyroid/armour thyroid (essentially non-levothyroxine meds). i've seen for some patients on these meds, for whatever reason, the TSH, T3, T4, and T3 uptake have been checked - my understanding is that we only need to be checking TSH to adjust drug dose, right? or is that not the case since they're not on levothyroxine? also, the sweet spot for tsh is between 1 and 3, right? so even if a patient is 0.6 on tsh, we would continue titrating til they're about 1? i'm sorry if these questions seem silly
  5. Hello! I'm a new grad pa in primary care. I have some patients who incidentally are found to have hepatic steatosis on imaging. I wanted to make sure this approach sounds reasonable - can you give me some input? 1. fatty liver on imaging - figure out the cause is the first step. likely 2/2 alcohol or obesity but confirm by checking some labs (hepatitis antibody tests (A, B, C), AST, ALT, alk phos; up to date also says to check plasma iron, ferritin, TIBC, serum gammoglobulin level, ANA, antismooth muscle antibody, anti-liver/kidney microsomal antibody-1) ----> are these done fo
  6. hi! I'm a new grad about to start family medicine and was wondering if you could share some insight/advice for me such as what you reviewed that was helpful, what you wish you reviewed, or any general advice. Thanks!
  7. i don't work in ID, but I completed a rotation in ID, and I think the PAs learned on the job
  8. hey! i don't have any advice - im just starting clinicals - but I wanted to encourage you. Hang in there! you were chosen for PA school for a reason. I think you'll have extra motivation to fight fatigue after clinicals given what you've been through. im rooting for you!
  9. Hey! I was just curious if you ended up taking the job and how it's going?
  10. Thank you for your honesty and insight. Those are really good things to know!
  11. I'm a PA student who's really interested in corrections. I was curious how you got into it and if it's possible (or even a good idea) to actively seek out a corrections jobs as a new grad? Thanks!
  12. caspa opens usually in april every year and schools have different deadlines. the schools i applied to generally had deadlines around september/october. i don't think you can start an application until it opens, but you can start a personal statement, and i would definitely recommend shadowing some PAs if possible.
  13. I worked for about 1.5 years before PA school and saved all that money. I'm married which helped so my husband continued to work, and I use all my money from my prior job for school and associated expenses.
  14. Goldengirl90 - I'm in a similar boat as you - I'll start clinicals in about 6 months but have some time before I need to pick an elective. I don't know if I'll do an extra rotation in psych or if I'll do something else to be more well-rounded - I'll probably talk to several of my professors and maybe my psych lecturer when the time comes to decide and see what they suggest. Maybe the PA you shadowed would have some advice for you?
  15. I would definitely call your program and see what can be done. Maybe you can submit a syllabus from your class and see if they can accept it based on the topics covered? The program obviously wants you if they accepted you. When does the program start? Is there any way you could fit in a diff microbio before classes start? It's hard not to freak out, but keep in mind the program chose YOU out of all the applicants so they really like you - just try calling and see what can be done as soon as you're able to.
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