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  1. hey! i don't have any advice - im just starting clinicals - but I wanted to encourage you. Hang in there! you were chosen for PA school for a reason. I think you'll have extra motivation to fight fatigue after clinicals given what you've been through. im rooting for you!
  2. Hey! I was just curious if you ended up taking the job and how it's going?
  3. Thank you for your honesty and insight. Those are really good things to know!
  4. I'm a PA student who's really interested in corrections. I was curious how you got into it and if it's possible (or even a good idea) to actively seek out a corrections jobs as a new grad? Thanks!
  5. caspa opens usually in april every year and schools have different deadlines. the schools i applied to generally had deadlines around september/october. i don't think you can start an application until it opens, but you can start a personal statement, and i would definitely recommend shadowing some PAs if possible.
  6. I worked for about 1.5 years before PA school and saved all that money. I'm married which helped so my husband continued to work, and I use all my money from my prior job for school and associated expenses.
  7. Goldengirl90 - I'm in a similar boat as you - I'll start clinicals in about 6 months but have some time before I need to pick an elective. I don't know if I'll do an extra rotation in psych or if I'll do something else to be more well-rounded - I'll probably talk to several of my professors and maybe my psych lecturer when the time comes to decide and see what they suggest. Maybe the PA you shadowed would have some advice for you?
  8. I would definitely call your program and see what can be done. Maybe you can submit a syllabus from your class and see if they can accept it based on the topics covered? The program obviously wants you if they accepted you. When does the program start? Is there any way you could fit in a diff microbio before classes start? It's hard not to freak out, but keep in mind the program chose YOU out of all the applicants so they really like you - just try calling and see what can be done as soon as you're able to.
  9. I was trained on the job to be a medical assistant. I would encourage you to keep looking and apply to lots of jobs - you'll never know which ones may result in an interview. Good luck!
  10. Hey! I think you could be a great candidate for PA school. Your GPA is good, and schools really like volunteer hours - even better if they're medical which yours are. I think you're on the right track by taking a year off to further pursue EMT hours. I would also encourage you to get some shadowing hours if possible and make sure to apply early. Good luck!
  11. Hello! I'm a PA-S interested in psych. I'm curious to hear if any of you guys are currently working in psych and if you're happy in the field, inpatient vs outpatient vs clinic, and if you had psych experience before PA school. Any advice or general thoughts would be appreciated. It seems like the field has quite a bit of NPs and not so many PAs, but maybe my perception is wrong. Thanks!
  12. it's really hard not to get nervous or flustered during interviews. i got really nervous myself. I know it's a very popular thing for schools to have mock interviews but if you're not able to attend (I wasn't), I had some of my family members ask me questions - some expected and others that were completely random. I honestly think the random questions helped the most because I had to practice staying calm and coming up with a well-thought out answer even if I just had 20 seconds to think it over. You're gonna do great - I know plenty of people who got into PA school they're second time around. Maybe you can reach out to the schools who waitlisted you or didn't accept you - they should be able to tell you specific things they wanted to see but didn't. And I did like Ket131 and researched faculty members to show my interest.
  13. Hello! I was curious if any outpatient IM PAs also rounded in the hospital or if that's non-existent now that hospitalists are growing...? Also curious if any of you do rural IM medicine and how you found a job? I'm a PA-S and haven't seen any rural IM posts for PAs. Thanks!
  14. sounds like you have some great experience, and a good background which should be really helpful! like you said, I would try and shadow another specialty, and then I'd make sure your personal statement is excellent and apply early - it really does make a difference - you got this!
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