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  1. No every program I saw offered some type of masters (masters of science in medicine, master of medical sciences, masters of clinical medical sciences etc) and a pa certificate which allows you to sit for the pance. The only exception was Miami dade program which offered a pa certificate and an associates degree.
  2. I'm not a nova Orlando student but i applied there and i took PCB 3063 Genetics at UCF without lab. I verified with Sarah Braithwood at Nova to make sure that would fill the requirement because the website says human genetics and the UCF counselor wasn't sure. It's 3 credit hours not 3 semesters. I'd recommend calling or emailing them if you want to be certain.
  3. What stood out to me was the faculty and staff. They were very friendly, experienced and knowledagble. The campus was nice and they have a nice cadaver lab with dedicated cadavers for the pa program(no sharing with med students), lastly the advanced clinical clerkship I feel will help a lot in getting a job and getting extra clinical time in a specialty of your choice.
  4. 10/17 interview just got an email from Renee so I think everyone should be hearing back shortly
  5. I stayed at candle wood suites it's in the same lot as nova the room was nice only complaint was no breakfast lol
  6. I also interviewed the 14th but have already accepted another offer. Overall I thought the campus and facility was nice, Renee seemed friendly, but the rest of the faculty gave me a bad impression and when I asked questions about the program during my interview they had nothing positive to say about their own program and basically told me they weren't there to convince me to choose their program. The lady that did the group interview was wonderful though but my overall impression of the faculty was less than stellar. There was a large group of students there about to take a test and a few of them talked to us and the vibe I got from them was very positive and reassuring.
  7. Dinner is with current students at a local restaurant no faculty is there and it give you an opportunity to meet and ask questions with current students about the program.
  8. I interviewed on oct 4th and haven't heard anything yet. I met someone at another interview that interviewed that afternoon and she said they were delayed cause of hurricane mathew
  9. Gpa 3.28 science, 3.28 overall, last 60 credits 3.78 GRE 151q,150v 4.0w Hce 7000 paid hours as cct emt/paramedic 2015 waitlist 2016 accepted
  10. Business casual day 1 formal day 2. Just be yourself some questions were harder than others but there isn't a good way to prepare. Good luck
  11. We were at the same interview would of been more helpful if I read your other post
  12. It's very laid back everyone is friendly. The dinner with students is optional but it gives you a chance to ask them question about the program. Day one is very informational and a campus tour and day 2 is a roundtable with the program director and MMI interview. Just got an acceptance phone call friday. Good luck
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