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  1. I'm curious as to how much research have you actually done into this program? If you only want to go because of the MGH name, I would advise you to choose another program. I am a current student here. Yes, we do get to rotate at MGH (it's not called UMass General), Brigham and Women's, and other Boston area hospitals. Yes, there are sites outside of Boston that we will be rotating at as well. It's important to get a perspective of seeing patients outside of a certain geographical area. Plus, at smaller facilities, oftentimes preceptors will only have 1 or 2 students working with them, so you get more opportunities to learn and perform hands on work. That's not always going to be possible at Boston area facilities with other PA (and MD!) programs competing for rotation spots. Most, if not all, PA programs have rotation sites at smaller hospitals and clinics. We just finished up our musculoskeletal course last week. We went to Harvard Medical School's cadaver lab. I actually held a brain and an enlarged heart while we were there. Some of us have watched a brain autopsy over at BWH. A lot of us have signed up to watch a full autopsy at some point this year. Most of us also volunteer a few times a month at an equal access health clinic (multiple sites in Boston), which allows us to apply our classroom skills to real life patients. We are also split up into teams to go to the MGH simulation lab, where we practice real life scenarios on computer simulated patients that can actually change their symptoms based on your approach to treating them. Our guest professors are PAs and MDs in the Boston area that we will most likely be working with upon graduation. So, in summary, it is not at all misleading for them to put that statement on their website, and I would advise you to be careful in potentially bad-mouthing a school that you're interested in attending, especially before you've done research or gone to an info session. The MGH name will get your foot in the door at places, but you have to decide how much effort you're going to put into your didactic and clinical years.
  2. Just wanted to bump this thread in case anyone else has been accepted and wants to join the Facebook group!
  3. Yikes. You all might want to try contacting the program director. Her name is Dr. Patch. Not responding to calls and emails is unacceptable.
  4. To anyone that is having trouble finding the group, I'm not sure why all of a sudden no one can find it but try this link if you're having trouble! https://www.facebook.com/groups/MGHIHPClassOf2019/
  5. Yes I've had others find it and join. PM me and I will try to manually add you!
  6. Hey guys, I'm going to be giving up my spot in the class as I got accepted elsewhere. Hope this helps someone on the waitlist!
  7. Okay the group is called "MGH Institute of Health Professions PA Class of 2019". I'm still playing around with the cover photo and all that jazz but feel free to request to join if you'll be attending!
  8. Is anyone that was accepted and is attending interested in a Facebook group? I don't know if they'll eventually make one for us, but in the meantime we can say hi and get to know each other! Let me know and I will make a group
  9. I remember Professor Walker saying that usually at least 5-6 people are taken off the waitlist. I don't know how many are put on the waitlist or if they're ranked, but at least there's some hope! Good luck!
  10. Has anyone just heard nothing at all? I haven't received an interview invite or a rejection letter yet
  11. Thank you for sharing! I also had a great time and felt very welcomed by the faculty. I feel as though I didn't get to speak up as much during the group interview as I would've liked, but with 6 other people and only 15 minutes to do the activity it was a bit of a time crunch. At least no one in my group argued or was rude towards one another. Good luck to everyone!
  12. I did notice one of my interviewers scoring me on the 0-2 scale. Does anyone happen to know what each number corresponds with?
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