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  1. Research MMI and how it is set up. There are some good YouTube videos with MMI questions and scenarios so you can get an idea. Basically, you get 5-7 minutes in the room (can't remember exactly) with time to read the prompt/questions before entering. The questions are pretty typical interview questions but time does move pretty quick. I think there are 5 different rooms here at Sullivan. MMI is my favorite interview format.
  2. You will get a pair of Sullivan scrubs in your second quarter of didactic year. However, you need to have a pair of old scrubs to wear for anatomy lab during the first quarter. You will probably also want to have a decent pair to wear on test days during the first quarter and throughout didactic. Most days you will be in business casual clothing though! Hope this helps. - Damian Morriston, 2nd Year
  3. I'm currently in my 2nd year of my PA program in KY. I will say that I feel like my program adequately prepared me to handle it. Even though we can't prescribe scheduled drugs in KY, the program realizes that many students come from other states and will return to their home state. Therefore, we still learn all of the drugs, side effects, etc.
  4. Quote

    Hey! I noticed that you are a current PA student at Sullivan University in Kentucky. I have an interview scheduled for 11/22/2019. Any recommendations on how I should prepare for the interview, writing portion? Any recommendations? Thanks!



  5. You’ll have labs for physical exam 2nd through 4th quarters. You also do suture lab, IV lab, casting lab, and do some physical exams (pelvic, male genital, etc) on standardized patients. Lots of hands on time!
  6. For the 2020 class, it was mid to late June. I want to say it was the 21-22nd. So I would anticipate it would still be in that time frame because the quarter starts July 1st I believe.
  7. Current student here.. some housing options that current students live in that I know of: Aspenwood Apartments, Overlook at st. Thomas, Sawyer apartments, hurstbourne grand, Oxmoor apartments, mallard crossing, the diplomat, axis on Lexington, & terraces at forest springs. Also in the area are Champion Farms apartments & tons of others. It all depends on your price range. All of the ones listed are a 10-15 minute drive or less from the school besides the terraces at forest springs which is more like a 20-25 minute drive. Some students live on the same road as the school, I’m not sure of those apartment names. Most of the apartment complexes I listed are fairly close to each other.
  8. It will be a separate page from ours (I’m a class of 2020 student). The staff in the PA office set it up and invite you to it through email, not sure of a timeline for that since last year we didn’t find out until February!
  9. I believe it is going to be 48. That’s the size of our class this year.
  10. Email Joey about the FAFSA email, but if I remember correctly, we were just told to ignore it at the time because we didn’t know if we were in the program or not. After you’re accepted, you do financial planning in the Spring. Hope this helps!
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