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  1. You should be good as long as you've submitted your FAFSA. The financial aid office will reach out to you in the future (probably in a couple months) to decide on the loan amounts you want to take out and to sign your documents.
  2. Usually they start the official Facebook group after all acceptances are sent out.
  3. Hi there! There are 15 total applicants interviewing on the typical interview day. You will be paired into 3 groups of 5. The MMI session is just you and the interviewer.
  4. It was nice to meet some of you today! I'm always available for questions if you ever need anything (even if it's not Sullivan related). Good luck!
  5. Just wanted to ease some of your minds. If you are on the waitlist, don't worry too much. Typically a number of students come off the waitlist as other students get accepted to other programs. I came off the waitlist when I interviewed with Sullivan and have now graduated this past June. As far as acceptances go, a few students will get offers after their initial interview, however, the majority of acceptances do go out at one time after all of the interviews are concluded. For those who received rejections, don't give up! It took me two cycles to get accepted. PA school is very co
  6. Research MMI and how it is set up. There are some good YouTube videos with MMI questions and scenarios so you can get an idea. Basically, you get 5-7 minutes in the room (can't remember exactly) with time to read the prompt/questions before entering. The questions are pretty typical interview questions but time does move pretty quick. I think there are 5 different rooms here at Sullivan. MMI is my favorite interview format.
  7. You will get a pair of Sullivan scrubs in your second quarter of didactic year. However, you need to have a pair of old scrubs to wear for anatomy lab during the first quarter. You will probably also want to have a decent pair to wear on test days during the first quarter and throughout didactic. Most days you will be in business casual clothing though! Hope this helps. - Damian Morriston, 2nd Year
  8. I'm currently in my 2nd year of my PA program in KY. I will say that I feel like my program adequately prepared me to handle it. Even though we can't prescribe scheduled drugs in KY, the program realizes that many students come from other states and will return to their home state. Therefore, we still learn all of the drugs, side effects, etc.
  9. Quote

    Hey! I noticed that you are a current PA student at Sullivan University in Kentucky. I have an interview scheduled for 11/22/2019. Any recommendations on how I should prepare for the interview, writing portion? Any recommendations? Thanks!



  10. You’ll have labs for physical exam 2nd through 4th quarters. You also do suture lab, IV lab, casting lab, and do some physical exams (pelvic, male genital, etc) on standardized patients. Lots of hands on time!
  11. For the 2020 class, it was mid to late June. I want to say it was the 21-22nd. So I would anticipate it would still be in that time frame because the quarter starts July 1st I believe.
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