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  1. For those accepted into the Bayshore program class of 2019, I created a FB group.. Touro Bayshore Physician Assistant Class of 2019
  2. Thought I would start this thread. Touro Bayshore Physician Assistant Class of 2019
  3. Got accepted to bayshore campus, will be giving up my Manhattan interview
  4. In the same boat sent mine out 2 weeks ago..... Hope they don't just want the fee money.. It seems very late for them to do another round of reading supplementals and sending out interviews, I hope I am wrong :/
  5. 3.26 cum GPA 3.66 sci GPA Last 40 credits 3.98 PCH Firefighter 600 EMT AMR 200 ERT 2600 Phy. therp. intern 180 other 180 VOl. Firefighter 1200 special oylm. 200 other 100 Shadow ER 50 plastics 100 Surgery 80
  6. Got interview for Manhattan campus today verified sep 12
  7. Got an email with an interview invitation for October 19th. Anyone going? Verified Sep 12
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